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Integrated Programs in Biomedical Science Loyola University Chicago

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Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs in Biomedical Sciences

The Loyola University Chicago Graduate School Integrated Program in Biomedical Sciences (IPBS) offers a set of degree programs under the auspices of the Health Sciences Division. This interdisciplinary program brings together researchers from multiple areas in the biomedical sciences for the common goal of providing flexible options for health-related careers in academia or industry.

The Health Sciences Division Graduate Programs are located along with the Stritch School of Medicine and the Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing, on the Loyola University Chicago Health Sciences Campus in Maywood, IL. This proximity enables an integrated academic environment, through the support of faculty members, staff members, and resources of the Stritch School of Medicine.

Reflecting Loyola's Jesuit orientation, the Health Sciences Division embodies the values of commitment to excellence, care for the individual, and community service.

The IPBS at Loyola consists of 6 academic tracks, each offering both Ph.D. and M.S. degrees. In addition, the Molecular Pharmacology and Therapeutics track offers a combined M.S./M.B.A. degree option.

Tracks in the Biomedical Sciences

The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology track offers an interdisciplinary program providing opportunities to pursue research in: molecular virology, eukaryotic gene transcription and expression, human cancer, molecular immunology, prokaryotic genetics, molecular cardiology, and eukaryotic genetics.

The Microbiology and Immunology track offers a graduate degree program focused on modern microbiology, virology, and immunology, along with exposure to a broad range of disciplines in the basic biomedical sciences. The program prepares students for a career in research and teaching.

The Integrative Cell Biology track aims to develop a comprehensive educational and research program that extends fundamental knowledge in cell biology, neurobiology and anatomy. The faculty strength is in eukaryotic cell biology with a strong emphasis in contemporary research problems in neurobiology, immunology and neuroimmunology.

The Cell and Molecular Physiology track trains students to acquire, analyze, and integrate data obtained from their basic research into physiological context to understand the molecular basis of cell function and dysfunction within the organism. Cardiovascular research and neurosciences are the main focus areas.

The department also offers a 1-year, non-thesis Master of Science (M.S.) in Medical Physiology program designed for college graduates who are interested in gaining a better understanding of medical physiology, with the intention of strengthening future applications to medical or dental schools.

The Neuroscience track encompasses an interdisciplinary track where students are provided with hands-on opportunities to develop and contribute to this rapidly expanding discipline. The student who chooses to join our neuroscience academic community will have options available for advanced training in disciplines including behavioral neuroscience, biochemistry, chemistry, cellular and molecular neurobiology, neuropharmacology, neuroimmunology and autoimmune disease, neuroendocrinology, regeneration and repair, stroke, traumatic brain injury, or peripheral neuropathies.

The Molecular Pharmacology and Therapeutics track provides a solid base of knowledge in pharmacology and promotes creative design of experiments that rigorously test scientifically valid hypotheses. The graduate program emphasizes the application of basic scientific principles and knowledge to address clinically relevant research questions.

The department also offers a 2.5-year dual degree program that leads to a Master of Science in Pharmacology degree and a Master of Business Administration degree. This program enables graduates to understand both the science and business aspects of developing and marketing a new product or therapy.

Combined M.D. / Ph.D. Degree Program

Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine also offers a combined M.D. / Ph.D. degree program that prepares select students for a career in academic medicine. Students may choose from one of the 6 academic tracks available to IPBS Ph.D. students. This program is designed to be completed in 7 to 8 years, depending on the student's goals, background, workload, and specific course schedule.

Shared Core Curriculum

Students from all 6 tracks of the IPBS Ph.D. take the first 2 semesters of the Core Curriculum, which is designed to give a broad overview of disciplines in the biomedical sciences, and enables interactions among students from all basic science departments on campus.

Electives in the first and second years of study include track-specific coursework, and give the student some flexibility in cross-disciplinary study. During the first year, Ph.D. students become acquainted with ongoing research, with the goal of selecting a research laboratory and mentor prior to beginning the second year.

Master of Science (M.S.) students in the Biomedical Sciences are required to take a portion of the IPBS Core Curriculum, along with requirements specific to their program of study.

Health Sciences Campus Location

Loyola University Chicago Health Sciences Campus is home to Loyola University Health System, which includes Loyola University Medical Center and 17 off-site facilities. It is located on a 70-acre campus in Maywood, a suburb west of Chicago. It includes the Stritch School of Medicine, Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing and approximately 150 basic science graduate students and 500 medical students.

Comprehensive Research Environment

The comprehensive research environment of Loyola University Chicago Health Sciences Division is nationally and internationally recognized due to Research Institutes that include the Burnand Shock Trauma Research Institute, the Infectious Disease & Immunology Research Institute, the Cardiovascular Research Institute The Neuroscience Research Institute, the Oncology Research Institute, , and the recently formed Institute of Public Health. The adjacent Hines Veterans Affairs Hospital, which shares a strong affiliation with Loyola University Medical Center, offers many other opportunities for research collaboration.

Location & Contact

Integrated Programs in Biomedical Science

Loyola University Chicago Health Sciences Division

2160 S. 1st Ave
Maywood, IL 60153
United States

Dr. Richard Kennedy


Phone: 708-216-3531                              
Fax: 708-216-5881

Mr. Ron Martin

Associate Director of Enrollment Management

Phone: 312-915-8950
Fax: 312-915-8905

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Departments & Programs

Degrees & Award

  • Degrees Offered
    • Major Degree Levels Offered
    • Biological And Biomedical Sciences Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
      Master of Science/MBA
  • Degrees Awarded
    • Master's Degrees 9
    • Doctoral Degrees 13
    • First Professional Degrees Not reported
    • Other Advanced Degrees Not reported
    • * Shows the number of degrees awarded for the last academic year that data was reported.
  • Earning Your Degree
    • Part-time study available? Not reported
    • Evening/weekend programs available? Not reported
    • Distance learning programs available? Not reported
    • Terminal master's degree available? Not reported
  • Degree Requirements
    • Master's Degrees Not reported
    • Doctoral Degrees Not reported
    • First Professional Degrees Not reported
    • Other Advanced Degrees Not reported


21% of applicants are admitted.
  • Acceptance Rate
    • Applied 214
    • Accepted 45
    • Acceptance Rate 21
    • Enrolled 18
  • Applying
    • Application Fee - Domestic Not Reported
    • Application Fee - International Not Reported
    • Electronic applications accepted? Yes
    • Applications processed on a rolling basis? Yes
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    • Doctoral's DegreesNot Reported
    • First-Professional's DegreesNot Reported
    • Other Advanced DegreesNot Reported
    • International DegreesNot Reported

Tuition & Fees

  • Tuition & Fees
    • In-state tuition *$16,740
    • Out-of-state tuition *$16,740
    • International student tuitionNot Reported
    • *Typical tuition for this institution for full-time graduate students per academic year 
    • *PhD Students receive full tuition scholarship
  • Fees
    • Per-academic year feesNot Reported
    • Per-term feesNot Reported
    • One-time feeNot Reported
    • *Typical fees for this institution for full-time graduate students per academic year
  • Financial Support
    • Financial award applicants must submitNot Reported
    • Application deadlines for financial awardsNot Reported
    • Types of financial support availableNot Reported

Student Body

  • Gender
    • Total Graduate Students62
    • Female Percentage58%
    • Male Percentage42%
  • Participation
    • Total Graduate Students62
    • Part-time Percentage0%
    • Full-time Percentage100%
  • Ethnicity
    • Hispanic / Latino2%
    • Black / African American7%
    • White / Caucasian80%
    • American Indian / Alaskan Native0%
    • Asian7%
    • Native Hawaiian / Other Pacific Islander0%
    • Two or more races4%
    • Unknown0%



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