Program in Education Graduate Programs St. Joseph's College, New York

Program in Education Graduate Programs St. Joseph's College, New York

Brooklyn, NY
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A School with a History of Excellence in Teacher Education Programs

St. Joseph's College (SJC) is a small, private community with a selective, but extensive graduate program aimed at educating future educators. SJC programs provide training in specialized fields in education, and many students go on to become literacy teachers, literacy specialists, literacy coaches, language arts supervisors, special needs advocates, and special needs classroom teachers.

Because of the small size of the graduate community, students are able to take advantage of close collaborative relationships with each other and with faculty. The graduate student population at St. Joseph's College consists of 678 students at the school's campuses in Brooklyn and Long Island.

Specialized Master's Degrees in Education Centered on Educator's Interests

St. Joseph's College offers four different master's degrees in education: Master of Arts (M.A.) in Childhood or Adolescent Special Education, Master of Arts in Literacy and Cognition, Master of Arts in Mathematics Education, and Master of Arts in Infant/Toddler Early Childhood Special Education. Each degree is tailored to specific career paths and can be pursued on a part-time basis, allowing students to teach while taking classes.

Graduate Degrees Focused on Literacy Issues

Students who already possess early childhood or childhood teaching certifications are eligible to pursue the Master of Arts in Literacy and Cognition degree. This degree, which was created as a result of the congressional "No Child Left Behind Act," emphasizes New York state classroom instruction and learning standards.

In addition to the standards and guidelines for teaching, a significant part of the graduate-level coursework includes evaluating literacy and cognition challenges that educators face in schools today. At the heart of the coursework is cognitive constructivist theory and other principles set forth by the International Reading Association.

Integral parts of the degree program include a master's thesis and a 50-hour practicum concentrating on birth through grade 6 literacy education. Interested students may also choose to pursue additional literacy certifications in birth through grade 12 or grade five through grade 12, offered only at the Long Island campus.

Dedicated Paths for Mathematics Teachers

Students who are certified mathematics teachers and wish to further their expertise in teaching can choose to obtain a Master of Arts in Mathematics Education. The program at SJC encourages mathematics teachers to dig deeper into what they learned as an undergraduate and to expand their knowledge base of teaching styles and forms. Examples of courses students can take include probability and statistical inference, number theory, educational assessment, and integrating technology in mathematics. Special emphasis is placed on the training of teachers who use technology in the classroom.

M.A. Degree for Early Childhood Educators

The Master of Arts in Infant/Toddler Early Childhood Special Education at SJC is designed for students who already have a teaching certification and are interested in working with infants and young children or children with certain developmental delays.

This program focuses on fieldwork that presents solutions to current challenges in teaching and learning. The coursework encourages students to combine classroom experience with sensitivity and effective teaching and learning processes for young age groups.

A Program Dedicated to the Mastery of Special Education Intricacies

The Master of Arts in Childhood or Adolescence Special Education with an Annotation in Severe Multiple Disabilities degree allows students to put the theories and principles of special education into practice by linking diagnosis, assessment, and instruction of special needs children.

Depending on initial certification, SJC graduate students are able to obtain additional certification in areas including childhood special education, biology special education, English special education, history special education, and mathematics special education. Each certificate also includes an annotation for several and multiple disabilities of children from birth to age 21.

Close-Knit Environment in Brooklyn and Long Island

Both the Brooklyn and the Long Island campuses at St. Joseph's College house graduate programs for education-focused students. The SJC Brooklyn campus offers the diverse cultural attractions of New York City's museums, cafes, restaurants, libraries, and sports arenas. The Suffolk campus is a short train ride away from New York City on the eastern shore of Long Island. Students at the Long Island campus enjoy a quieter atmosphere with beaches and outdoor recreational activities.

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    • Literacy And Cognition Master of Arts (MA)
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