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Interdisciplinary Studies Are Part of the Master of Science in Biology Graduate Program at Wichita University

The Department of Biological Sciences at Wichita State University is committed to incorporating interdisciplinary course work, professional training through laboratory and field work, internship opportunities, and close interaction with faculty members to create a comprehensive Master of Science in Biology program. Students have the option of pursuing educational and working experiences within the university and the surrounding community, teacher certifications, and combination degrees to create a special and individualized course of study.

Students may choose to pursue the master's degree with or without a research thesis. If the thesis option is chosen, several fields of concentration are available, including microbiology, cellular biology, molecular biology, endocrine biology, reproductive biology, systematics, animal behavior and ecology. Students select a thesis adviser and committee, who help in designing a plan of study and research that will meet the individual's goals and needs. If a student chooses to pursue the thesis option, a total of 30 credit hours, in addition to the defense of the proposed thesis and research results, are required. These students often choose to pursue a doctoral degree or seek a career in research in their chosen industry field.

For the non-thesis option, a total of 33 graduate credit hours are required and students must defend a written summary of a professional internship experience. Students choosing the non-thesis option often already are employed in the medical or education fields.They may plan to advance their current positions to a higher level in these fields.

Some of the graduate courses available to students pursuing a master's degree in biological sciences at Wichita State University cover topics in immunobiology, cancer biology, physiology, anatomy, endocrinology, developmental biology, avian biology, entomology, plant ecology, conservation biology, conservation biology, restoration ecology and statistical applications in biology.

In applying to the program, prospective students must provide all transcripts, three letters of recommendation from science faculty members and a one-page statement of purpose that describes the student's interests in Biology. Application deadlines are March 1 (both domestic and international students) for fall semester admission and October 1 (domestic) and August 1 (international) for spring semester admission.

Financial Support Is Available Through Assistantships and Fellowships

Graduate assistantships are awarded and commonly used as sources of reliable financial aid during a student's graduate program. These assistantships require 8 to 10 hours of teaching per week, and enable a student's eligibility for tuition waivers. Applications for graduate teaching assistantships are reviewed in March and October. Research fellowships are also a viable option for paying for tuition.

Research Facilities Include the WSU Biological Field Station to Study Natural Ecosystems at Work

Graduate students at WSU enjoy a wide range of laboratory and field research opportunities that complement their classes and professional internship experiences. Modern facilities on and off campus allow students to conduct research for thesis purposes as well as career and work-oriented experiences.

After consulting with their graduate adviser and committee on their chosen thesis topic, the adviser trains the candidate regarding the types of research methods to use and how to perform them in order to reach the stated goals. This independent research is conducted under the direction of the adviser and results are presented and orally defended by the student.

In addition to on-campus laboratory facilities and research opportunities, the WSU Biological Field Station provides ideal locations for field experiments by both students and faculty. The Biological Field Station consists of three natural areas within easy driving distance of Wichita. The largest of these natural areas, the Ninnescah Reserve, is located 35 miles from campus, and totals 330 acres of prairie and woodlands. The Gerber and Sellers Reserves, nearby the Ninnescah Reserve, are recent additions to the Biological Field Station that provide access to stream, riparian and sand prairie habitats. Current research projects at these reserves focus on prairie restoration, plant community ecology, seed dispersal of native prairie plants, herbivore-plant interactions, aquatic invertebrates, behavioral ecology, bird nesting communities, West Nile virus infections and migrant bird behaviors, as well as fish and reptilian populations.

Wichita Offers WSU Students Access to a Wide Range of Internship Employment and Diverse Extracurricular Activities

Located in Kansas's largest city, Wichita State University offers a quality education in proximity to real-world career and internship opportunities in the surrounding community. Students enjoy a diverse population and traditional experience through intramural and NCAA sports teams, student-focused dining and extracurricular activities, and a wide range of student organizations catering to a variety of special interests and hobbies.

Named as one of the "Top 10 Best Big Cities" by "Money" magazine and the "Number One Place to Live the Good Life Cheaply" by "Forbes" magazine, Wichita offers both affordability and major metropolitan conveniences in one location. Annual festivals, far-reaching arts communities, designer shopping, fine dining, and several industry opportunities for postgraduate and summer employment make Wichita the ideal location for pursuing a graduate degree. Outside of this big city, the entire state of Kansas offers residents and visitors the opportunity to pursue water sports, enjoy outdoor adventures, and explore historical landmarks during breaks from normal studies.

Location & Contact

Department of Biological Sciences

Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Wichita State University

1845 North Fairmount
Wichita, KS 67260
United States

Dr. William Hendry


Phone: 316-978-3111
Fax: 316-978-3772

Ms. Jordan Oleson

Admissions Coordinator

Phone: 316-978-3095

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