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U-Fi Student Loans College is an exciting time, but it can also be expensive. Even after scholarships, grants, federal loans, and personal savings, many students and families need extra money to help cover expenses. U-fi Student Loans can help!

U-fi is proud to offer private undergraduate and graduate student loans to help you cover out-of-pocket expenses. And, if you apply with a qualified cosigner, you may qualify for an even lower interest rate.

Benefits of U-fi Student Loans

  • Flexible repayment options
  • No application, origination, or prepayment fees
  • .25% interest rate reduction when you enroll in auto debit payments1
  • Cash back for good grades2
  • Cosigner release option3
  • Easy application

Private Undergraduate Student Loans

Paying for school can get expensive, but an Undergraduate Loan from U-fi can help cover the costs of tuition, books, housing, and other out of pocket expenses. When you've exhausted your savings, federal funds, grants, and scholarships, private loans can be an option in bridging the gap.

U-Fi Student Loans for Graduate SchoolPrivate Graduate Student Loans

There are many options when you consider the right graduate program for you, but the decision on how to pay for it can be simple. The U-fi Graduate Loan offers loan limits to match your graduate program, helping you cover the costs to achieve your educational goals.

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1Auto Debit Discount: Interest rate reduction of .25% for automatically withdrawn payments from any designated bank account ("auto debit discount"). Auto debit discount applies when full payments (including both principal and interest) are automatically drafted from a bank account. The auto debit discount will continue to apply during periods of approved forbearance or deferment if the auto debit discount was in effect at the time of receiving the forbearance or deferment. Auto debit discount will remain on the account unless (1) the automatic deduction of payments is stopped or (2) there are two automatic deductions returned for insufficient funds at any time during the term of the loan. If the discount is terminated for insufficient funds at any time during the term of the loan, it can be reinstated by re-enrolling for automatically withdrawn payments.

2Good Grades Reward: Cash back reward on each loan up to 1.5% on the fully disbursed loan amount. Proof of good grades must be submitted within 180 days of the end of the academic period for which the loan was used to pay educational expenses. Eligibility for the good grades reward is dependent upon a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 grading scale (or equivalent) for the academic period covered by the loan. Good grades reward is applicable to Undergraduate, Graduate, MBA, Law, and Health Professions loans only. See good grades reward terms and conditions for details.

All Cash Back Rewards: Cash back rewards cannot exceed $500 per borrower in any one calendar year.

3Cosigner Release: Request for the cosigner to be released can be made by the borrower after 24 consecutive, on-time payments (not later than 15 days after the due date) of principal and interest have been made. The borrower must be current on their payments at the time of the cosigner release request and show the ability to assume full responsibility of the loan(s) by meeting certain credit criteria on their own at the time of the request, including, but not limited to, being a U.S. citizen or having permanent residency in the United States, being the age of majority in their permanent state of residency, providing sufficient proof of income, and having no student loans in default. Requirements are as of January 20, 2015, and are subject to change.

U-fi is a service mark of Nelnet, Inc., for products and services provided by Nelnet Consumer Finance, Inc. The U-fi Student Loan is funded by Union Bank and Trust Company, Member FDIC. U-fi is compensated by Union Bank and Trust Company for the referral of prospective loan customers. All loan programs are subject to approval and may not be available in certain jurisdictions. U-fi Student Loan programs and terms are subject to change or may be discontinued at any time without notice. Certain restrictions and limitations may apply. This information is current as of March 23, 2015.