The ATI provides career programs for interested students, along with campuses and state of the art facilities all across the country.

ATI has student-friendly campuses located in Florida, Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma, which feature state-of-the-industry facilities designed to simulate actual working conditions and promote quality education through hands-on, classroom participation.

Career Programs from ATI

Business Administration Technology
The Business Administration Technology program offers graduates the training they require to find entry-level employment with corporate businesses and other general office possibilities. This program includes your own laptop computer - yours to keep.

Network Administration
Network Administration (Texas, Oklahoma and Occupational Associate Degree - OAD in Florida) program trains graduates to meet the ever-increasing need for IT and network professionals as network administrators, system administrators, WAN administrators, Windows 2000/NT server administrators, and other IT positions.

Dental Assisting
The Dental Assisting program prepares students for a dental assisting career within dental offices or clinics.

Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration
The Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration program equips the graduates with the training required for entry-level positions for residential and commercial air conditioning service and repair, plus positions as maintenance technicians for larger chilled water systems.

Pharmacy Technician
The Pharmacy Technician (Oklahoma & Occupational Associate Degree - OAD - Florida) program prepares graduates for employment opportunities in the pharmacological industry for preparing, packaging, and delivering medications within retail and health-system pharmacy settings.

Medical Assisting
The Medical Assisting and Medical Assisting Technology programs prepare graduates for entry-level employment with a medical center, medical office, clinic, minor emergency centers and many other health-care providers.

Automotive Service Technician
The Automotive Service Technician program provides the hands-on training to prepare graduates for entry-level employment in either specialized or general automotive service.

Professional Massage Therapy
The Professional Massage Therapy Program prepares students to become successful Massage Therapists eligible to work in a variety of therapeutic environments. The program exceeds standards set by the state and national certification, providing in depth training in the art and science of massage therapy, focusing on clinical methods and advanced techniques.

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