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Howard and Matthew Greene have been the hosts of two PBS college planning programs and are the co-authors of the Greenes' Guides to Educational Planning and other books. They've spent years working as counselors and have conducted in-depth research with students, college presidents, deans of faculty, and other administrators.

Find the Right Approach to Test Prep

Standardized tests are all about preparation. Find out the best method for you with this article.

By Howard and Matthew Greene updated on October 08, 2015

High SAT Scores: What You Need to Know to about SAT Testing

There are two key ways to interpret your test results: in terms of your own expectations and abilities and in comparison to reported college averages and score ranges.

By Howard and Matthew Greene updated on March 27, 2014

Writing Your College Application Essay

In your college application essay, you have an opportunity to communicate to colleges what is most essential to you personally, socially, and academically.

By Howard and Matthew Greene updated on October 31, 2013

What You Can Do While Waiting for College Acceptance Offers

Now that the hard work of filling out applications and writing essays is over, you may think all that's left to do is to wait anxiously for an admission decision about your college future.

By Howard and Matthew Greene updated on January 30, 2013
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