College Savings Plan

Going to college is going to cost a lot of money, and to deal with those costs, students and parents may want to create college savings plans ahead of time. These savings plans can make all the difference in affording college education, especially when they're implemented well in advance of the times that they're actually needed. If you or someone important to you is looking into pursuing a college education in the future, then make sure that you look into these college savings plans now, when they can start rolling and do you some good in the future.

The Pros and Cons of Using a 529 Plan to Save for College

Before you invest in any type of college savings plan, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages that it provides. The information below may help you as you consider using a 529 plan to build up college funds for your child.

By Peterson's Staff updated on April 07, 2014

The 529 Plan Provides Several Options to Save for College

We won't presume to tell you how to invest your money since we're not certified financial planners, but we can offer insight into one college-savings option: the 529 plan.

By Peterson's Staff updated on April 07, 2014

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