There are a huge number of interesting scholarships available today, available for everything from academic excellence to unique skills and hobbies. Let's take a look at 4 particularly intriguing ones available through the Peterson's Scholarship Search Tool.
By now, most students are aware that maintaining a high GPA, excelling in athletics, participating in community service, and other extracurricular activities have a good chance of translating into scholarships.  Many students never bother to embark on a scholarship search, assuming that no scholarship options apply to them.  This may have been this case in the days of yore, but no longer.  As awareness of the importance of diversity spreads, more organizations are stepping in to fill the gap; in the form of scholarship offers to non-traditional students.

While having both a well-rounded profile and high grades certainly helps, the basis of scholarships vary greatly.  Let’s take a look at four of the many unique scholarship offers found through Peterson’s scholarship search tool. If you want to take a look at more, be sure to check out the full search tool itself.

Skate your Way to a Scholarship

Skateboarding may seem like a fun way to fill an afternoon; challenging one’s creativity and athleticism, but it is rarely seen as anything more than a pastime.  However, skateboarding can literally pay off.  The Patrick Kerr Skateboard Scholarship Fund awards one $5,000 scholarship and three $1,000 scholarships to skateboarders who are U.S. citizens, current high school students, have at least a 2.5 GPA and have been accepted into a university, four-year college, or two-year college on a full-time undergraduate basis. Check it out here!

Money for a Major

In addition to more typical scholarship offers, scholarships abound for very niche groups.  Among them; The United Negro College Fund sponsored General Mills Corporate Scholars Award.  Black students majoring in Asian Studies are eligible to apply, as are Black students majoring in Accounting, Business/consumer services, Economics, Finance, Human Resources, or marketing.  Students must be undergraduates attending a university or a four-year college, with preference given to students attending college or with permanent addresses in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, or South Dakota. Check it out here!

Adults Only Offers

Returning to school as an adult can pose many challenges. Adult students often have more financial concerns to address; rent/mortgages, car payments, insurance, utilities, and children are just a few of many additional responsibilities many adult students must worry about.  All of these adult responsibilities can detract from academic coursework if not carefully mitigated.  Scholarships can often allow adults to work fewer hours, and, in turn, spend more time focusing on academic pursuits.  Historically, women in particular have had a difficult time returning to school.  The Talbots Women’s Scholarship Fund awards several scholarships to women undergraduates who are U.S. citizens and either graduated from high school or earned their GEDs at least 10 years ago. Check it out here!

Dollars for Disabled Students

Disabilities need not prevent academic progress.  Overcoming obstacles is a part of daily life for those with disabilities, but many of those obstacles are expensive. Medical visits, medications, physical therapy, and medical devices cost money. The Foundation for Science and Disability offers $1,000 scholarships via Grants for Disabled Students in the Sciences to help cover costs of assistance devices, or to offer general financial assistance to support scientific research. Full-time undergraduate seniors who are U.S. citizens, have learning, hearing, physical, or visual disabilities, and are studying science are eligible to apply. Check it out here!