Are you bored with your job? Do you want to accomplish more and be excited about going to work every day? If so, you should consider marketing yourself to get a better job.

Are you bored with your job?  Do you want to accomplish more and be excited about going to work every day?  If so, you should consider marketing yourself to get a better job. Sure, you could just rewrite your resume and send it out to a number of companies, hoping someone might respond, but a better path to career enhancement might be degree completion.

Maybe you went to college for a couple of years, then quit in order to get a job. Four years can be a long time commitment and funding a full-time college education is expensive.  If someone told you the best path to career enhancement would be degree completion and you could continue to work while going to school on your own schedule, wouldn’t you be interested?

Check out to learn more about completing your degree at home, online, and at a reduced cost.  DreamDegree also offers free personal education coaches who can help guide you through the often-overwhelming number of options available to earn your college degree.  The education coaches are knowledgeable about scholarships, degree programs, and the ways to achieve career enhancement.

You have probably shown a good work ethic at your current job.  You may have learned everything there is to know about the position.  There may not be anywhere to go, in terms of more responsibility and increased salary.  This is the root of your boredom.  You want to achieve your full earning potential and one way to do that is marketing yourself to get a better job.  Improving your professional skills and your academic knowledge, beginning the path to your college degree or completing work already done in that direction, and letting your employer know that you are working towards an undergraduate degree are good ways to get a better job.  You may also think about pursuing a graduate degree to enhance your marketability.  Being limited by your education can be frustrating!  Start now to make significant changes to your resume. 

DreamDegree offers college courses at affordable tuition rates.  Guidance from personal education coaches who offer valuable information on potential scholarships can help reduce the cost of college even further.  Having the opportunity to discuss your long term career plans with a personal education coach and to ask questions specific to your own situation are great ways to address changing your job, your career field, and your desire to make a difference in the world! DreamDegree is a student advocacy non-profit organization that wants to help you achieve your objectives.

When you decide to redo your resume and send it out to potential employers, wouldn’t it be great to show that you are working on a college degree or that you have completed it?  Companies are impressed by workers who show initiative and are trying to advance their careers.  Consider the advantages of being able to add to your resume that you are pursuing an undergraduate degree in your field (or a new one).  Why wait any longer to get started?