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Transfer Students: Frequently Asked Questions

In the best of worlds you compile a list of colleges, find the most compatible one, and are accepted. Then you have a great time, graduate, and head off to a budding career. But if you're transferring between schools, this article of frequently asked questions can help.

By Peterson's Staff updated on October 07, 2015

Transfer Students: What to Consider Before Making the Switch

Transferring between colleges and universities can be confusing, but this article can help ease the common concerns and issues you might face.

By Peterson's Staff updated on October 07, 2015

Find community colleges, technical colleges, and more with a college guide

Two-year colleges can be a great option, and if you want a great resource to help you out in finding solid two-year colleges, then this guide book is for you.

By Peterson's Staff updated on September 24, 2015

How do college transfer credits work?

Many people are forced to leave college to help out during difficult family times or ‘temporarily’ leaving to earn money to pay for tuition, and many non-traditional students (those over age 25) now worry about transferring credits earned years before and the potential disadvantages of being older than the rest of the class. You can find out more about how transfer those credits and alleviate your worries here.

By Peterson's Staff updated on September 09, 2015

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Ask the Experts: Transfer Colleges

Read actual questions from students about how to transfer colleges and see answers and advice from college planning and admissions experts.

By Peterson's Staff updated on January 23, 2013
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