If you're interested in pursuing an automotive mechanic degree, then you should check out this list of automotive mechanic schools and searches.

Are you interested in computers and electronics but don't want to sit behind a desk? Do you like to work with your hands? Combine these interests and study at one of the many automotive tech schools that we feature. As an automotive service technician, you can study to work on compact cars sedans, motorcycles, commercial and diesel trucks, airplanes, or even in the prestigious NASCAR Technical Institute.

Search for the best automotive tech schools

Now that you've decided to attend auto mechanic school, discover if you would like to earn an associate or bachelor's degree, diploma, or certificate in automotive technology. Automotive technology schools offer a variety of options that will be right for you based on your personal needs. Consider location, program type, specializations, and the amount of hands on training you will have access to in the auto mechanic school of your choice. 

Half the work is already done. Just use our list of search terms to find the program that you want to pursue: