If you've missed some of the earlier deadlines for college applications, it's okay! Here's a list of 350+ schools with late deadlines.

Is it the end of your senior year of high school, and you still don’t know where you’re going to college? Maybe you delayed your application process, in order to pull up your grades. Or perhaps, you focused all of your energy on one school that for whatever reason hasn’t panned out. Don't worry. Many students find themselves in this position, and college application deadlines are not set in stone. You can still find a good late deadline school to enroll in this fall.

Important Note: Colleges with late deadlines and colleges with rolling admissions are not exactly the same thing. If you came here looking for rolling admissions, then you should take a look at our dedicated information page all about rolling admissions. Or take a look at this list of schools with rolling admissions, if that's what you're looking for.

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Colleges with late application deadlines

There are many colleges with late application deadlines, sometimes as late as September after the semester has already begun, and so there is still room to be selective. It’s important to apply to late deadline schools that have admission criteria within your parameters, but it is equally important to apply to schools that offer academic and extracurricular programs that you are interested in. You’ll also need to look at the cost and the location to see which colleges with late deadlines are the best fit.

Keep in mind that if your number one choice school does not offer a late deadline, with good grades, there is always the opportunity to transfer schools after the first year, having earned some credits already under your belt. But that said, there are plenty of great late deadline schools out there.