Program in Sustainability Management School of Continuing Education Columbia University

Program in Sustainability Management School of Continuing Education Columbia University

New York, NY
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Sustainability Management a Growing Field

A rapidly growing field, sustainability management has risen in demand as companies discover the link between earth-friendly environmental practices and increased profitability. The master's program in sustainability management at Columbia University in New York City offers students the opportunity to become skilled managers who protect the environment by guiding business practices.

The graduate program is offered through a partnership between Columbia's Earth Institute and School of Continuing Education. The Earth Institute is one of the world's most prestigious and comprehensive environmental education schools. Its stellar faculty includes renowned experts in globalization, policy, biodiversity, and social sciences.

Degree for Work in Diverse Organizations

The master's program prepares students to work in a diverse range of fields as sustainability managers, including pharmaceutical companies, industrial manufacturing, and technology. The degree also is applicable to work in government and non-profit agencies.

Students are trained to become effective leaders and managers through the study of cutting-edge environmental science, management and quantitative analysis, and how environmental decision-making affects organizations.

The program is designed for both full-time students and working professionals who enroll as part-time students.

Highly Regarded Faculty of Scientists and Influential Authors

Faculty members of Columbia University's Earth Institute are highly regarded scientists and influential policy makers, advisers, and authors. They include members of the National Academy of Sciences and consultants to major organizations such as the United Nations and World Bank.

Professors specialize in a wide variety of environmental topics from earth science to environmental law. The faculty includes experts in natural resource economics, the role of oceans in climate change, and environmental challenges facing cities.

This diversity contributes to the multidisciplinary coursework offered in Columbia's innovative environmental programs.

Major Awards and Contributions to Science

Professors at the institute earn major awards and worldwide recognition. Ruth DeFries, who specializes in sustainable development, was the recipient of a MacArthur Foundation "genius" award in 2007.

Time Magazine named Jeffery Sachs, a world expert in globalization, as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2005. Sachs is director of the institute and professor of sustainable development. A prolific and influential author, he wrote the book titled "The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Times."

Members of the faculty have made major contributions to science, including the first prediction model of El Nino. They are active directors of projects related to environmental issues for government and agencies. An example is the New York Climate and Health project, which is examining how climate change and air pollution will affect the health of New Yorkers over the next 100 years.

Integrative Courses in Sustainability Management

Courses in 5 areas are required to complete the sustainability master's program. Two of the areas are integrative courses in sustainability management, and economic and quantitative analysis. Other areas are physical aspects of sustainability, public policy, and general and financial management.

Through these courses, students learn how to weigh the financial costs and benefits of an environmental initiative. They also study topics such as the effects of engineering and design on the environment.

Practical Applications for the Real World

The program's core is teaching students how sustainability practices are applied in a real-world context. This includes the use of environmental measurement tools and advanced environmental science.

Through practical applications, students learn about the underlying principles of why a company's misuse of water, land, and other natural resources can hurt profit margins. In addition, students are trained in management skills that shape corporate culture.

An important aspect of the program is the opportunity to gain professional experience through its capstone course. Students demonstrate their depth of learning by working on a client-based project and providing hands-on sustainability management.

Students are active participants in environmental initiatives and sustainability projects around the world. In New York City, teams of students have studied energy efficiency for the city's housing authority and for New York's system of food supply for the city's long-term planning department.

Large Academic Community in Environmental Studies

The master's program is part of a large academic community at Columbia University focused on helping the environment. The Earth Institute plays a significant role in environmental education at the university. It is affiliated with more than 24 programs at Columbia offering degrees related to environmental studies.

The Earth Institute's research centers include the Center for Climate Change Law, where legal tools are being developed to fight climate change, and the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions.

A Vibrant Hub of Arts and Entertainment

Columbia University's location in New York City gives students nearly endless opportunities for learning and exploring. The largest city in America is a vibrant hub of the arts, business, and entertainment. Sports, museums, and gorgeous public parks are part of its appeal.

New York is within easy access of other major cities. Boston and Washington, D.C., are about 4 hours away by car, depending on traffic, or about 3 hours by express train.

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Program in Sustainability Management

School of Continuing Education
Columbia University

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Steven Cohen

Program Director


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Admissions Adviser

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