Graduate Financial Aid

Finding financial aid for graduate school is one of the most important parts of making sure that your future is possible. There are many different options and opportunities available to would-be graduate students to make sure that they can pay for their educations, and if you're someone looking to go to graduate school, then you'll want to be absolutely certain that you check into each option available to you. Read on here for information about graduate financial aid, the different forms that it can take, and how you can obtain it for yourself.

Graduate Financial Aid Resources for Your MBA

There's more to graduate financial aid than the federal government, although it does offer some of the best loans and terms around. However, even the government can't necessarily get you everything you need to get that MBA you're after, so do a thorough job of checking out what is available to you.

By Peterson's Staff updated on May 12, 2015
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Government Financial Aid for Graduate Students

The largest source of financial aid in the U.S.A. is the government. Government financial aid takes many forms: grants, work-study, and loans.

By Peterson's Staff updated on May 12, 2015

Working for Your Professors May Offer Graduate Financial Aid

Free money for graduate school can be hard to come by because even though it's out there, it's just not as prolific as what's available to the undergraduate world. If you've scrounged for grants and scholarships and have come up virtually empty-handed, there are still options available that may help you attain graduate school financial aid.

By Peterson's Staff updated on April 09, 2014

Finding Graduate Financial Aid for Your MBA

Attending business school is a big investment of your time, your energy, and especially your money. As with most things, good preparation will ensure that you get the money you need and won't go broke paying it back.

By Peterson's Staff updated on April 09, 2014
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Graduate Schools Near You

Graduate Financial Aid for International Students

Whether you're still deciding on a school or you're already applying, make sure you find out if the schools you've chosen have programs available to help you pare down your tuition bill.

By Peterson's Staff updated on April 09, 2014

FAFSA Form: Your Ticket to Grad School Grants, Work-study, and Loans

Filling out the FAFSA form is a necessary step to receiving federal financial aid. And if you can, you want to receive federal financial aid.

By Peterson's Staff updated on April 09, 2014

Looking Beyond Your School for Graduate Financial Aid

Financial aid for international students can be hard to find, but it's out there. You just need to be willing to do some research — and perhaps make a few phone calls.

By Peterson's Staff updated on April 09, 2014
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