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Master of Theological Studies School of Education Loyola University Maryland

Baltimore, MD
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An integrated approach to theological education

What is God up to, and what difference does God make to the world? Throughout the ages, men and women, the rich and the poor, the educated and uneducated have all asked and answered such questions, and they continue to do so today. The answers they come to are diverse and divergent. Faced with these questions and the myriad possible answers, some are driven to apathy, and others to war. Still others respond in different ways: they study and ponder such questions, reading and writing about them, and allowing the questions to sharpen and enliven their imaginations. They provide theological analysis in response to God's work in the world. Students who pursue Master of Theological Studies (MTS) degrees are convinced that such an approach to these questions is essential for living well in this world.

The Master of Theological Studies offers students with a bachelor's degree a chance to deepen their understanding of theology as it relates to the past, present, and future. The program's 2:1 student-to-faculty ratio means that all students will receive individual attention and direction from our highly regarded theology faculty.

You will pursue a rigorous curriculum which reflects both the breadth of the Christian tradition and a variety of theological specialties including biblical studies, historical and systematic theology, ethics and comparative theology. You will also learn how these different specialties relate to each other as part of an integrated theological vision. In addition, you will study at least one ancient language. As you refine your interests, you will work with a faculty mentor to prepare a thesis. All of your work in the MTS program, from your first classes to your thesis, will enable you to develop greater skills in critical analysis, to research theological topics thoroughly, and to become a more proficient writer.

Loyola's theology faculty is internationally recognized for its scholarly excellence and includes both Catholic and non-Catholic Christians. Together we nurture a collegial atmosphere which is the foundation for a community in which rigorous and lively debate and intellectual generosity flourish.

How Loyola's Past Prepares You for the Future

At all levels of study a Loyola education is marked by cura personalis -- care for the whole person. This Jesuit philosophy challenges the way students view the world. It advocates high scholarly standards combined with intellectual charity. It employs discovery, reflection, discernment, and a commitment to social justice in order to provide an education that goes beyond the confines of the classroom.

These ideals have been at the core of Loyola University Maryland for more than 150 years and they are integral to the Master of Theological Studies program. In the program, students have opportunities to develop their theological interests from every angle and receive mentoring from professors who are experts in their fields. Most of all, Loyola's sense of intellectual community will foster students' theological growth and challenge them to employ their knowledge in service to others.

Take your theological quest down a career path

Loyola's rigorous and integrated curriculum makes Loyola students ideal candidates for some of the best PhD programs in the country. It also prepares current professionals for growth in careers ranging from publishing, social work, and social sciences to library science, law school, or high school teaching.

Master of Theological Studies (MTS)

Our program seeks to cultivate students' interest in theology, enabling students both to grow intellectually and to further their career development. As an MTS student at Loyola, you will have the opportunity to study a broad, classical theological curriculum and develop a thesis on your own area of interest, all with the individualized attention of our faculty. The program requires 48 total credit hours to be completed in two years of study for full-time students or four years for part-time students. Whether you hope to work toward a PhD or to have greater satisfaction and expertise in a theologically related career, you'll graduate with the knowledge and intellectual curiosity to be a competent, compassionate leader who can provide the perceptive theological analysis our world demands.

The program includes foundation courses on such topics as the Bible, historical theology, systematic theology, comparative theology (covering topics such as Christianity and Islam, and Christianity and Buddhism), ethics and culture, and ancient languages (covering Greek, Hebrew, and Latin).

Elective courses include "Prophets and Prophecy"; "Genesis and Exodus in the History of Interpretation"; "Ways of Reading Scripture"; "Patristic Biblical interpretation"; "The Theology of Thomas Aquinas"; "Christ, Sin, and Salvation"; "Nature and Grace"; "Comparative Theological Approaches to Islam"; "Jews, Muslims, and Christians in the Middle Ages"; "Catholic Social Doctrine"; and "Master's Thesis."


All Master of Theological Studies courses are held on Loyola's Evergreen campus in Baltimore, MD. The campus is within a short drive of downtown Baltimore and can easily be reached by train from the New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC metro areas. The Thurgood Marshall/Baltimore-Washington International Airport is approximately a 30- minute drive from Loyola.

Master of Theological Studies program students will have access to all of Loyola's facilities including classrooms, bookstores, computer labs, fitness and aquatic center, and libraries.

Application Information

For anyone interested in applying for admission to the Master of Theological Studies program, applications may be submitted directly online. Interested students can also download applications, which are available online in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat version 3.0 required), and may mail hard copies to the office of graduate admission address on the form. To access application forms and review the required documentation needed for admission, interested applicants should visit the Loyola University website at

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