Department of Technology and Society College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Stony Brook University, State University of New York

Department of Technology and Society College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Stony Brook University, State University of New York

Stony Brook , NY
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Graduate Programs in Technology and Society at a Top Research University

A top research institution, Stony Brook University offers graduate programs in science and technology through its College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

One of 7 academic departments at the college, the Department of Technology and Society shows students how to use tools and concepts from engineering, natural science, and the social sciences to improve social implementation of technology on both a regional and global scale.

Instructional and research programs within the department enhance technological literacy and educational opportunities for students of all ages. Various departmental programs target K-12 students and their teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, minority students of all ages, and developing leaders in the sciences.

Stony Brook's PhD Program in Technology, Policy, and Innovation

The Department of Technology and Society offers students a PhD program in Technology, Policy, and Innovation (TPI). The TPI PhD program provides students with a broad understanding of changing and developing technologies, as well as the skills necessary to address the complex issues that society confronts in the face of these changes. Students also carry out policy and research in 3 areas: education, energy and environmental systems, and technology leadership and policy.

Graduates of this program have received positions in academia, consulting firms, government agencies, and research organizations.

Master of Science in Technological Systems Management Offers 3 Concentrations

The Department of Technology and Society offers a Master of Science (MS) degree in Technological Systems Management, with a concentration in 3 areas: educational technology, energy and environmental systems, or global operations management. The program provides students with an interdisciplinary approach to analytical tools, practical skills, and state-of-the-art concepts necessary not only for managing specific technological systems, but also for improving their performances. Tools and skills used are drawn from many disciplines, including computers and information, design and assessment, economics and regulation, psychology and community values, and science and engineering.

Advanced Graduate Certificate Program

The Department of Technology and Society offers advanced graduate certificate programs in 2 areas: educational computing and global operations management. Within the Educational Computing program, current and prospective teachers prepare to use advanced technologies in learning and teaching. Business and industry students learn to develop and teach computer-based documentation and computer applications.

Within the Global Operations Management program, existing industry managers can touch on courses within the MS degree to develop their understanding of how their business uses technology. These students also develop more efficient measures for technology use, so as to reduce waste and spending to make their organizations more profitable.

Supported by an Award-Winning Faculty

Faculty members from Stony Brook University have been notable recipients of the Pulitzer Prize, Guggenheim Fellowship, National Medal of Science, and even the Nobel Prize. In addition to being well recognized for their work, faculty members within the Department of Technology and Society have also served in prestigious international positions.

For instance, Dr. Nay Htun, a research professor in the department, has been a visiting scholar, distinguished fellow, and visiting or honorary professor at 7 major international universities, including Imperial College London and Harvard University. Before joining Stony Brook's faculty, Htun served in the United Nations for over 25 years, holding the rank of UN Assistant-Secretary General at the United Nations Development Programme and the United Nations Environment Program.

Research Facilities and Opportunities in Technology and Society

Graduate students enrolled in the department have access to 2 in-house state-of-the-art computing facilities, which are designed for open use. The first lab has 20 computers that can be operated singularly or within a basic network, and also houses additional equipment like printers, scanners, video cameras, and a projection system. The second lab consists of 20 desktops and 20 laptops that are primarily used for research and teaching.

The department also works closely with Brookhaven National Laboratory and 3 campus research centers - the Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center (AERTC), the Center for Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT), and the Center for Interdisciplinary Environment Research. Students working on research projects in conjunction with these centers will also have access to appropriate facilities therein.

Financial Aid Opportunities

Stony Brook University is committed to offering a wide range of financial aid resources to students, and has been named among Kiplinger's 100 best values in public colleges, in part because of this commitment. Stony Brook students can apply for grants, scholarships, loan programs, and employment programs through the campus financial aid office. The university also allocates tuition scholarship budgets to each program director to distribute among students in their programs.

Stony Brook University -- A Globally Ranked Institution

Stony Brook University has been ranked among the top universities in the nation by a number of independent sources. "U.S. News and World Report" ranked Stony Brook in their top 100 best national universities and top 50 public national universities. The "Wall Street Journal" ranked it 8th among public universities with students going on to elite graduate programs.

London's "Times Higher Education World University Rankings" lists Stony Brook within the top 1 percent of all universities in the world. Stony Brook is also only one of 6 universities in the nation involved in research collaboration with a national laboratory; in Stony Brook's case, this is Brookhaven National Laboratory.

The 120,000 alumni of Stony Brook are considered to be among those with the highest earnings potential in the nation, and have taken a variety of prestigious positions within education, government, and industry. Stony Brook alumni include the first female astronaut with NASA, a president of Stanford University, a president of production for Universal Pictures, and a songwriter for the Blue Oyster Cult.

Location & Contact

Department of Technology and Society

College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Stony Brook University, State University of New York

Nicolls Road
Stony Brook , NY 11794
United States

Dr. David Ferguson


Phone: 631-632-8763
Fax: 631-632-7809

Marypat Taveras


Phone: 631-632-8762
Fax: 631-632-7809

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Degrees & Award

  • Degrees Offered
    • Major Degree Levels Offered
    • Energy And Environmental Systems Advanced Certificate
      Master of Science (MS)
    • Technology, Policy, And Innovation Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
    • Global Operations Management Master of Science (MS)
    • Educational Technology Master of Science (MS)
  • Degrees Awarded
    • Master's Degrees 98
    • Doctoral Degrees Not reported
    • First Professional Degrees Not reported
    • Other Advanced Degrees Not reported
    • * Shows the number of degrees awarded for the last academic year that data was reported.
  • Earning Your Degree
    • Part-time study available? Not reported
    • Evening/weekend programs available? Yes
    • Distance learning programs available? Not reported
    • Terminal master's degree available? Not reported
  • Degree Requirements
    • Master's Degrees
    • Doctoral Degrees Not reported
    • First Professional Degrees Not reported
    • Other Advanced Degrees Not reported


58% of applicants are admitted.
  • Acceptance Rate
    • Applied 125
    • Accepted 85
    • Acceptance Rate 58
    • Enrolled 43
  • Applying
    • Application Fee - Domestic $100
    • Application Fee - International $100
    • Electronic applications accepted? Not Reported
    • Applications processed on a rolling basis? Not Reported
  • Application Deadlines
    • Type Domestic International Priority Date
    • Fall deadline January 15th Not Reported Not Reported
    • Winter deadline Not Reported Not Reported Not Reported
    • Spring deadline October 1st Not Reported Not Reported
  • Entrance Requirements
    • Master's DegreesGRE General Test
    • Doctoral's DegreesNot Reported
    • First-Professional's DegreesNot Reported
    • Other Advanced DegreesNot Reported
    • International DegreesTOEFL required

Tuition & Fees

  • Tuition & Fees *
    • Tuition & Fees$4,685
    • *Average dollar amount (tuition & fees) required to complete the degree
  • Financial Support
    • Financial award applicants must submitNot Reported
    • Application deadlines for financial awardsNot Reported
    • Types of financial support availableFellowships, Research Assitantships, Teaching Assistantships

Student Body

  • Gender
    • Total Graduate Students126
    • Female Percentage44%
    • Male Percentage56%
  • Participation
    • Total Graduate Students126
    • Part-time Percentage30%
    • Full-time Percentage70%
  • Ethnicity
    • Hispanic / Latino7%
    • Black / African American9%
    • White / Caucasian53%
    • American Indian / Alaskan Native0%
    • Asian16%
    • Native Hawaiian / Other Pacific Islander0%
    • Two or more races0%
    • Unknown15%


  • Faculty Breakout
    • Total Faculty27
    • Full-time Percentage44%
    • Part-time Percentage56%
    • Female Percentage26%
    • Male Percentage74%


  • Existing Research
    • Focus of faculty researchComputer applications for technology and society issues
    • Externally sponsored research expenditures last year$2,071,124