Doctoral Program in Management Yale School of Management Yale University

Doctoral Program in Management Yale School of Management Yale University

New Haven, CT
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Students in Yale's School of Management Stand on the Shoulders of Academic Ancestors to View the Future

Yale University is a private, coeducational research university in New Haven, Connecticut, a core member of the "Ivy League," and among the most renowned universities in the world. Yale was established in Connecticut in 1701 as the third institution of higher education to be founded in England's American colonies. It has one of the world's largest library systems with some 12.5 million volumes, and its $22.6 billion endowment is the second largest of any academic institution.

It is within this historic context that the doctoral program of the Yale School of Management (SOM) prepares students for scholarly careers oriented toward leading-edge research and teaching in management. The Ph.D. management program is an elite one that admits only a very few highly qualified students each year. In fact, on the GMAT or GRE, admitted students typically have Verbal scores in the 90th percentile or greater and Quantitative scores in the 95th to 99th percentiles. The SOM program currently offers specialization in the management fields of accounting, financial economics, and marketing.

SOM is committed to educating graduate students that will study the provenance and operating principles of private, public, and nonprofit organizations. The program is based on the proposition that understanding how organizations operate, and learning about the environment in which they do so, is critical to such study. To this end students are enlightened as to the core, underlying disciplines upon which organizational structures are constructed.

Beyond these core studies, SOM graduate students pursue their particular concentrations beyond the historic boundaries of their "home," or central, disciplines, making intellectual contact with other Yale schools, departments, faculty, students, and researchers an important component of their programs. In this way, they truly stand on the shoulders of both academic ancestors and present-day peers to view the future of organizational management.

Individualized and Interdisciplinary Study, Along with Multiple Learning Methods, Create a Rich, Rigorous Curriculum

Individualized study is a key element of the program for the small numbers of doctoral students admitted annually. It is one way in which each student can receive individual, personalized guidance and instruction. Students may avail themselves of tutorials from faculty members on certain topics that are not treated in formal coursework. Students can also work with both faculty and student colleagues on research studies, through which they will gain hands-on experience while refining their skills in an area of particular interest. The Yale SOM program focuses on flexibility in the development of students' programs, and strongly emphasizes individual initiative as a way to evolve highly individualized courses of study.

Interdisciplinary study is similarly central to the SOM pedagogy. By incorporating courses and learning opportunities across a range of academic disciplines, students are encouraged to recognize the interrelationships that are essential to an understanding of the "organic whole." To this end, the School of Management maintains efficient, effective working relationships with a wide array of other departments and professional schools at Yale.

Multiple learning methods take seemingly diverse threads and create a fabric of understanding for the students in the SOM program. Doctoral students quickly learn that engaging in a wide, even eclectic, variety of learning activities is critically important to developing both mature judgment and a willingness to question doctrines and dogmas. Formal course work, of course, is essential, but it is in the many informal sessions, seminars, research projects and colloquia that new ideas percolate and formerly hazy concepts come into clear focus. With opportunities to assist in teaching, as well as participation in other investigative and collaborative activities, students come to understand management and organizational phenomena, and learn various ways of dealing competently and confidently with the challenges.

Full Five-Year Financial Aid Helps Students Along, While Previous Graduate Work Helps Them Start Strong

All students admitted to the SOM program receive full financial aid for the entire five years, assuming that they continue to satisfy the academic requirements. Aid consists of a tuition waiver in addition to a stipend comparable to those offered by other premier schools of management in the U.S. and the world.

Also, based on previously completed graduate work, a maximum of seven of the fourteen SOM courses can be waived. Historically, most students entering the School of Management program are not granted the maximum allowable transfer of credits, so any requests for course waivers must be submitted to the Director of Graduate Studies for a thorough examination of coursework and credit applicability.

The Rich Artistic Traditions of New Haven, and Fine Athletic Facilities, Provide Needed Balance for SOM Students

Both Yale and its home city, New Haven, offer first-rate cultural opportunities such as enjoyment of theater and music at such theaters as the Yale Repertory, Shubert, Long Warf and the Palace. The New Haven Symphony and the Yale School of Music present numerous concerts each year, while various esteemed visiting orchestras and ensembles often perform in Yale's Woolsey Hall.

Such Yale institutions as the Yale Art Gallery, the center for British Art and British Studies, the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, and the Peabody Museum of Natural History offer special programs and presentations based on their historic, priceless collections.

All Yale students, in every professional and graduate school, are invited to use the facilities of Payne Whitney Gymnasium. The gym has two pools, 40 squash and handball/racquetball courts, three rowing tanks, and three jogging tracks, in addition to fully outfitted rooms for dancing, gymnastics, volleyball, fencing, judo, exercise, basketball, and more. The gym also offers free instruction in various, regularly scheduled classes, and the Cullman indoor tennis courts, Ingalls Rink, and the Yale golf course are available to students at reduced fees.

Additional opportunities for exercise, sports, and outdoor activities are available at the 2,000-acre Yale Outdoor Education Center, approximately 40 miles from New Haven, as well as the Yale Sailing Center, which is located on Long Island Sound.

Location & Contact

Doctoral Program in Management

Yale School of Management
Yale University

New Haven, CT 06520
United States

Prof. Subrata Sen


Phone: 203-432-6028

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Degrees & Award

  • Degrees Offered
    • Major Degree Levels Offered
    • Organizations And Management Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
    • Marketing Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
    • Financial Economics Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
    • Accounting Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Degrees Awarded
    • Master's Degrees Not reported
    • Doctoral Degrees 2
    • First Professional Degrees Not reported
    • Other Advanced Degrees Not reported
    • * Shows the number of degrees awarded for the last academic year that data was reported.
  • Earning Your Degree
    • Part-time study available? No
    • Evening/weekend programs available? No
    • Distance learning programs available? No
    • Terminal master's degree available? Yes
  • Degree Requirements
    • Master's Degrees Not reported
    • Doctoral Degrees
    • First Professional Degrees Not reported
    • Other Advanced Degrees Not reported


5% of applicants are admitted.
  • Acceptance Rate
    • Applied 438
    • Accepted 26
    • Acceptance Rate 5
    • Enrolled 9
  • Applying
    • Application Fee - Domestic $100
    • Application Fee - International $100
    • Electronic applications accepted? Yes
    • Applications processed on a rolling basis? Not Reported
  • Application Deadlines
    • Type Domestic International Priority Date
    • Fall deadline January 2nd January 2nd Not Reported
    • Winter deadline Not Reported Not Reported Not Reported
    • Spring deadline Not Reported Not Reported Not Reported
  • Entrance Requirements
    • Master's DegreesNot Reported
    • Doctoral's DegreesGMAT or GRE General Test
    • First-Professional's DegreesNot Reported
    • Other Advanced DegreesNot Reported
    • International DegreesTOEFL or IELTS

Tuition & Fees

  • Tuition & Fees *
    • Tuition & FeesNot Reported
    • *Average dollar amount (tuition & fees) required to complete the degree
  • Financial Support
    • Financial award applicants must submitNot Reported
    • Application deadlines for financial awardsJanuary 2
    • Types of financial support availableHealth Care Benefits, Institutionally-sponsored Loans, Scholarship and/or loans

Student Body

  • Gender
    • Total Graduate Students37
    • Female Percentage30%
    • Male Percentage70%
  • Participation
    • Total Graduate Students37
    • Part-time Percentage0%
    • Full-time Percentage100%
  • Ethnicity
    • Hispanic / LatinoNot Reported
    • Black / African AmericanNot Reported
    • White / CaucasianNot Reported
    • American Indian / Alaskan NativeNot Reported
    • AsianNot Reported
    • Native Hawaiian / Other Pacific IslanderNot Reported
    • Two or more racesNot Reported
    • UnknownNot Reported


  • Faculty Breakout
    • Total Faculty42
    • Full-time Percentage100%
    • Part-time Percentage0%
    • Female Percentage19%
    • Male Percentage81%


  • Existing Research
    • Focus of faculty researchPricing of options and futures, term structure of interest rates, use of accounting numbers in debt contracts, product differentiation, e-commerce and marketing, behavioral finance
    • Externally sponsored research expenditures last yearNot Reported