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Certificate Programs
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Fort Hays State University


Fort Hays State University is an online school located in Hays , KS

Degree & Certificate Programs

Undergraduate Programs
Bachelor's Degree
BBA in Accounting
BS in Agricultural Business
BGS in Business Communication
BS in Business Education-Business Teacher Licensure
BS in Business Education-Corporate Communication
BS in Business Education-Training and Development
BGS in Child Development
BS in Computer Science
BS in Criminal Justice
BA in Criminal Justice
BS in Early Childhood Unified
BGS in Education
BS in Elementary Education
BS in Elementary Education, Special Education minor
BBA in Finance
BBA in Finance- Banking Concentration
BGS in General Business
BGS in General Studies
BGS in Geoscience Studies
BS in Geosciences/GIS
BGS in Gerontology
BS in Health and Human Performance
BGS in Health Promotion
BS in Health Studies
BGS in Historical Studies
BGS in Human Services (Sociology)
BGS in Informatics Studies
BA in Information Networking & Telecommunication: Web and Mobile Application Development
BS in Information Networking and Telecommunications, Computer Networking and Telecommunications concentration
BA in Information Networking and Telecommunications: Computer Networking and Telecommunications
BA in Information Networking and Telecommunications: Health Informatics
BS in Information Networking and Telecommunications: Health Informatics
BS in Information Networking and Telecommunications: Web and Mobile Application Development
BBA in International Business and Economics
BGS in Justice Studies
BBA in Management
BBA in Management concentration in Operations Management
BBA in Management Information Systems
BBA in Management, Human Resources concentration
BBA in Marketing
BS in Medical Diagnostic Imaging
BGS in Military Specialties
BSN in Nursing, RN to BSN
BA in Organizational Leadership
BS in Organizational Leadership
BGS in Organizational Leadership
BA in Philosophy
BGS in Political Leadership and Public Service
BA in Political Science
BGS in Psychological Studies
BS in Psychology
BA in Psychology
BGS in Rural Studies
BA in Sociology
BS in Sociology
BS in Sociology--Addictions Counseling
BA in Sociology--Addictions Counseling
BGS in Sustainability
BS in Technology Leadership
BS in Tourism and Hospitality Management
BGS in Tourism and Hospitality Management
BGS in Web Development Studies
Undergraduate Certificates
Certificate in Accounting
Certification in Banking
Certificate in Building a Career in a Nonprofit Corporation
Certificate in Business Information Systems
Certificate in Business Law
Certificate in Cardiovascular Interventional Technology (CVIT)
Certificate in Case Management
Certificate in Community Development
Certificate in Community Health
Certificate in Computed Tomography (CT)
Certificate in Consumer Health
Certificate in Corrections
Certificate in Cultural Anthropology and Globalization
Certificate in Customer Service
Certificate in E-Commerce Web Development
Certificate in Economics
Certificate in Entrepreneurship
Certificate in Finance
Certificate in General Philosophy
Certificate in Geographic Information Systems
Certificate in Global Leadership
Certification in Grant Proposal Writing and Program Evaluation
Certificate in Healthcare Administration
Certificate in Healthy Aging
Certificate in Human Resource Management
Certificate in Information Networking for Criminal Justice
Certificate in International Studies
Certificate in Internetworking
Certificate in Justice Networking
Certificate in Law and the Courts
Certificate in Law Enforcement
Certificate in Leadership Studies
Certificate in Life Stages and Transitions
Certificate in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Certificate in Management
Certificate in Marketing
Certificate in Moral and Political Philosophy
Certificate in Nursing Administration
Certificate in Nursing Education
Certificate in Operations Management
Certificate in Paralegal
Certificate in Pre-Law
Certificate in Public Administration
Certificate in Social Media Marketing
Certificate in Sociology of Medicine and Aging
Endorsement in Special Education, Gifted
Certificate in Tourism and Hospitality Management
Certificate in Tourism and Hospitality Marketing
Certificate in Victim Advocacy
Certificate in Web Development
Certificate in Womens and Gender Studies
Associate's Degree
AGS in Business Communication Studies
AAS in Business Communication Technology
AAS in Business Training Systems
AGS in Child Development
AGS in Communication Studies
AGS in Education
AGS in General Business
AGS in General Studies
AGS in Geography
AGS in Health Promotion
AAS in Industrial Technology
AGS in Leadership Studies
AGS in Massage Therapy
AGS in Media Studies
AAS in Psychology Studies
Graduate Programs
Master's Degrees
MLS in Art History
MBA in Business Administration
MPS in Computer Networking
MLS in Corporate Communications
MS in Counseling--School
MPS in Criminal Justice
MPS in Cyber Security
MBA in Digital Marketing Concentration
MS in Education
MS in Education- Library Media Specialist
MS in Education--Reading Specialist
MS in Educational Administration
MS in Educational Administration- Building Principal
MBA in Finance Concentration
MPS in Gerontology
MLS in Gerontology
MLS in Global Management
MLS in Global Studies
MS in Health and Human Performance
MBA in Health and Human Performance/Sports Management Concentration
MLS in Health Sciences
MBA in Healthcare Management concentration
MS in High-Incidence Special Education
MSE in Higher Education Student Affairs (HESA)
MA in History
MPS in Human Resource Management
MBA in Human Resource Management Concentration
MLS in Information Analysis and Communication
MBA in Information Assurance Concentration
MPS in Information Assurance Management
MPS in Instructional Design
MS in Instructional Technology
MBA in International Business
MBA in Leadership Studies concentration
MLS in Liberal Studies
MLS in Literary Arts
MLS in Management Information Systems
MBA in Management Information Systems Concentration
MBA in Marketing Concentration
MSN in Nursing Administration
MSN in Nursing Education
MPS in Organizational Leadership
MLS in Political Leadership and Public Service
MPS in Political Management
MLS in Political Science
MPS in Professional Studies
MS in Psychology, School Psychology
MLS in Public Administration
MPS in Public Health Administration
MA in Public History without Thesis
MPS in Social Entrepreneurship
MS in Special Education
MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management concentration
MSE in Transition to Teaching
MPS in Web Development
Graduate Certificates
Graduate Certificate in Business
Graduate Certificate in Business, Advanced
Graduate Certificate in Case Management
Graduate Certificate in Community Health Promotion
Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management
Graduate Certificates
EdS in Education Leadership
EdS in Educational Administration
Doctoral Degrees
DNP in Nursing Practice

Location & Contact

Student Contact Mrs. Kathleen Cook
Assistant Director of the VC
Email: kecook3@fhsu.edu
Phone: 785-628-4291
Fax: 785-628-4037
Address600 Park Street
Hays, KS 67601-4099
Head of Distance Learning Mr. Mike Michaelis
Director of Virtual College
Email: virtualcollege@fhsu.edu
Phone: 785-628-4291
Fax: 785-628-4037
Address600 Park Street
Hays, KS 67601-4099