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Thomas Edison State University


Thomas Edison State University is an online school located in Trenton , NJ

Degree & Certificate Programs

Undergraduate Programs
Bachelor's Degree
BSBA in Accounting
BSAST in Air Traffic Control
BA in Anthropology
BA in Art
BSAST in Automotive Performance Technology
BSAST in Aviation Flight Technology
BSAST in Aviation Maintenance Technology
BA in Biology
BSAST in Biomedical Electronics
BSAST in Clinical Lab Science
BA in Communications
BSBA in Computer Information Systems
BA in Computer Science
BSAST in Computer Science Technology
BSAST in Construction
BA in Criminal Justice
BSAST in Dental Hygiene
BSHeS in Dentistry, Allied Dental Education (with UMDNJ)
BSAST in Diagnostic Medical Sonography (BSAT)
BSHeS in Dietetic Science, Coordinated Dietetic Science (with UMDNJ)
BA in Economics
BSAST in Electrical Technology
BSAST in Electronic Engineering Technology
BSHS in Emergency Disaster Services
BSAST in Energy Systems Technology
BSAST in Energy Utility Technology
BA in English
BSBA in Entrepreneurship
BSAST in Environmental Sciences
BA in Environmental Studies
BSBA in Finance
BSBA in Financial Institution Management
BSAST in Fire Protection Science
BA in Foreign Language
BSHS in Health and Nutrition Counseling
BSHeS in Health Information Management
BSHS in Health Services
BSHS in Health Services Administration
BSHeS in Health Services Education and Management (with UMDNJ)
BSAST in Health Services Technology
BA in History
BS in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
BSBA in Hospital Health Care Administration
BSBA in Hospitality Management
BSBA in Human Resources Management/Organizational Management
BSHS in Human Services
BA in Humanities
BSHeS in Imaging Sciences, Advanced (with UMDNJ)
BSAST in Information Technology
BSBA in International Business
BA in Journalism
BSAST in Kitchen and Bath Design
BA in Labor Studies
BSAST in Laboratory Animal Science
BA in Liberal Studies
BSBA in Management, general
BSBA in Marketing
BA in Mathematics
BSAST in Medical Imaging
BSHS in Mental Health and Rehabilitation Services
BA in Music
BA in Natural Sciences/Mathematics
BSAST in Nuclear Energy Engineering Technology
BSAST in Nuclear Engineering Technology
BSAST in Nuclear Medicine Technology
BSN in Nursing
BSBA in Operations Management
BSOL in Organizational Leadership
BA in Philosophy
BA in Photography
BA in Political Science
BA in Psychology
BSBA in Public Administration
BSAST in Radiation Protection
BSAST in Radiation Therapy
BSBA in Real Estate
BA in Religion
BSAST in Respiratory Care
BA in Social Sciences
BSHS in Social Services
BSHS in Social Services Administration
BA in Sociology
BSAST in Technical Studies
BA in Theater
Undergraduate Certificates
Certificate in Accounting pre-Associate certificate
Certificate in Clinical Trials Management post-Baccalaureate certificate
Certificate in Computer Aided Design pre-Associate certificate
Certificate in Computer Information Systems pre-Associate certificate
Certificate in Computer Science pre-Associate certificate
Certificate in Dental Assistant pre-Associate certificate (jointly sponsored by UMDNJ and TESC)
Certificate in Electronics pre-Associate certificate
Certificate in Finance, Pre-Associate certificate
Certificate in Fitness and Wellness Services, pre-Associate certificate
Certificate in Homeland Security post-Baccalaureate certificate
Certificate in Human Resource Management post-Baccalaureate certificate
Certificate in Human Resource Management pre-Associate certificate
Certificate in Imaging Science Pre-Associate certificate
Certificate in Labor Studies pre-Associate certificate
Certificate in Learning and Teaching post-Baccalaureate
Certificate in Marketing pre-Associate certificate
Certificate in Operations Management pre-Associate certificate
Certificate in Organizational Management and Leadership post-Baccalaureate certificate
Certificate in Public Administration pre-Associate certificate
Certificate in Public Service Leadership post-Baccalaureate certificate
Associate's Degree
AAS in Administrative Studies
ASAST in Air Traffic Control
AAS in Applied Computer Studies
AAS in Applied Electronic Studies
AAS in Applied Health Studies
ASAST in Aviation Flight Technology
ASAST in Aviation Maintenance Technology
AAS in Aviation Support
ASNSM in Biology
ASAST in Biomedical Electronics
ASBA in Business Administration
ASAST in Clinical Lab Science
ASNSM in Computer Science
ASAST in Computer Science Technology
AAS in Construction and Facility Support
AAS in Criminal Justice
AAS in Dental Hygiene (through UMDNJ)
ASAST in Electrical Technology
AAS in Electrical/Mechanical Systems and Maintenance
ASAST in Electronic Engineering Technology
ASAST in Engineering Graphics
ASAST in Environmental Sciences
AAS in Environmental, Safety, and Security Technology
ASAST in Fire Protection Science
AAHS in Human Services
ASAST in Kitchen and Bath Design
ASAST in Laboratory Animal Science
AA in Liberal Arts, General Studies
ASNSM in Mathematics
AAS in Mechanics and Maintenance
ASAST in Medical Imaging
ASAST in Nuclear Engineering Technology
ASAST in Nuclear Medicine Technology
ASAST in Polysomnography
ASAST in Radiation Protection
ASAST in Radiation Therapy
ASAST in Respiratory Care
ASAST in Technical Studies
Graduate Programs
Master's Degrees
MSM in Accounting
MSM in Accounting/CPA
MBA in Business Administration
MSAST in Clinical Trials
MSM in Community and Economic Development
MBA in Data Analytics
MAEdL in Educational Leadership
MSM in Environmental Policy/Environmental Justice
MBA in Finance
MBA in Healthcare Management
MSM in Homeland Security
MSHRM in Human Resources Management
MSM in Information Technology for Public Service
MA in Liberal Studies
MSM in Management
MSM in Management, general
MBA in Marketing
MSM in Nonprofit Management
MSN in Nursing
MSM in Organizational Leadership
MSM in Project Management
MSM in Public Finance
MSM in Public Health/Public Policy
MSM in Public Service Administration and Leadership
MSM in Public Service Community and Economic Development
MSAST in Technical Studies
Graduate Certificates
Graduate Certificate in Nursing, post-Master's Certificate in Nurse Educator
Graduate Certificate in Project Management

Location & Contact

Student Contact Ms. Juliette Punchello
Senior Director, Admissions and Enrollment Services
Email: admissions@tesu.edu
Phone: 888-442-8372
Fax: 609-984-8447
Address111 West State Street
Trenton, NJ 08608-1176