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December 1 2020
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For the People Scholarship


When Morgan and Morgan attorneys join us to work for the people, it is a commitment that extends beyond the courtroom. Our core philosophy is that we do not shy away from a challenge. We do what is necessary to fight for the little guy. We want to inspire young lawyers to approach their careers with the same mindset. The For The People Scholarship will be awarded to an individual who is accepted or currently enrolled in law school and is driven to fight for those who need it most. Scholarship applicants will be evaluated primarily on the quality of their answers, but also on creativity. Applicants must write an 800 to 1,000 word essay answering the questions. Applicants must submit the following to name, date of birth, mailing address, phone number, school name, school address, how you heard about the scholarship, and essay.

Amount Details

Low Amount Awarded

Eligibility Requirements

  • CheckmarkMust be a graduate student
  • CheckmarkMust attend a university
  • CheckmarkCitizenship requirements: US
  • CheckmarkMust not be attending high school currently
  • CheckmarkBoth full-time and part-time students
  • CheckmarkRestricted to students studying Law/Legal Services

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What you'll need:

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  • Checkmark Essay