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December 15 2020
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SGM Law Group Bi-Annual Scholarship


This award recognizes outstanding achievements in academics and as a law firm, we seek to reward a passionate and determined student interested in the field of law. As attorneys, we have all benefited from scholarships throughout our academic careers and now we hope to play a small role in helping a deserving student realize his or her academic goals. This scholarship is open to students who are currently enrolled in an accredited university, college or law school within the U.S. Must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and must be a full time student enrolled in classes for spring 2017. Students will have the opportunity to earn $1,000 towards their education by submitting a 500&-1000 word essay, which can be written on any of the topics listed below. Please be aware that anything over 1000 words will not be considered. Once the winner of this award is chosen, a check for $1,000 will be made to the scholarship recipient's school of choice to help cover education expenses. 1. What hardship did you conquer to achieve your goal of pursuing law studies? 2. Explain your motivation for becoming a lawyer and what about the law inspires you. 3. Discuss the impact of employment immigration on U.S. economy, including the effects of related immigration reforms. 4. What field of law are you interested in and how will you help others with your earned law degree?

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Eligibility Requirements

  • CheckmarkMust be an undergraduate student or a graduate student
  • CheckmarkMust attend a university, a four-year college, two-year college or a vocational-tech school
  • CheckmarkMinimum 3.0 GPA
  • CheckmarkMust not be attending high school currently
  • CheckmarkBoth full-time and part-time students

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What you'll need:

  • Checkmark Essay
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