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Terrill H. Bell Teaching Incentive Loan


Awards under this incentive loan program provide payment towards tuition and/or general fees (late fees, reinstatement or reactivation fees, insurance premiums or special course fees are not covered) for up to four years of full-time equivalent enrollment, or until the requirements for licensing or advanced licensing have been met, whichever is less, as long as the conditions of the program continue to be observed by the student. In addition, specially qualified students may also receive, subject to legislative appropriation, Premier Stipends. Premier Stipends are an additional $1,500 per semester with a maximum of $3,000 per year. Application for this loan program is directly through the student's school of choice.

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Eligibility Requirements

  • CheckmarkMust be an undergraduate student or a graduate student
  • CheckmarkMust attend a university, a four-year college or two-year college
  • CheckmarkCitizenship requirements: US
  • CheckmarkBoth full-time and part-time students
  • CheckmarkRestricted to residents of Utah
  • CheckmarkRestricted to students studying in Utah
  • CheckmarkRestricted to students studying Education

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