Top Firefighter FAQs

  • What is the Firefighter exam?
    The firefighter exam assess a potential firefighter’s skills and ability. Both knowledge and aptitude of a candidate are evaluated in a series of written, verbal, and physical tests.
  • What’s on the Firefighter exam?
    The firefighter application process contains oral, written and physical tests, as well as medical evaluations. Peterson’s is here to help you prepare for the written and verbal tests, and know what to expect in the other components. Written tests include multiple choice and true-false questions on spatial awareness, reading comprehension, mechanical reasoning, logic, observation and memory, while oral tests are conducted interview-stye.
  • Who takes the Firefighter exam?
    All federal, state, and local firefighter agencies require some form of testing for job candidates. As such, anyone who desires a job or career in firefighting must take these exams.
  • Should I prep for the Firefighter exam? And how much?
    The written exam consists of 100 – 150 skill-specific and academic subject questions. You may not have, say, practiced your math problems recently and will want to brush up on your skills. Additionally, preparation for a test–especially an oral test–allows you to feel confident and pass your test with ease.
  • How is the Firefighter exam scored?
    The firefighter exam is scored in pass/fail format. The test is administered in computer format, and your score will appear on the computer screen once you are finished taking the test.
  • How do I register for the Firefighter exam?
    The firefighter exams are administered to job candidates. In order to be considered to take these exams, you must apply for a firefighter job at a department that is hiring.