• What is the LSAT?
    The Law School Admission Test, or LSAT, is a standardized test required for admission to law schools approved by the American Bar Association. While some schools will now accept the GRE, law school applicants should take the LSAT unless they are only applying to schools that accept the GRE.
  • What is on the LSAT?
    The LSAT has four multiple-choice sections, each lasting 35-minutes: Two Logical Reasoning sections are used to assess your ability to analyze and evaluate arguments. You’ll determine whether arguments are strong or weak, and you’ll have to understand what causes that strength or weakness. An Analytical Reasoning section will assess your skills in basic logic, including deductive reasoning and finding structure within organized data. The Reading Comprehension section will assess your ability to identify main ideas from scholarly passages, as well as ask you to draw inferences and make extrapolations. There is an unscored section that can appear at any time which is used to pretest new test questions. You’ll be asked to complete a 35-minute unscored writing sample as well that is sent to law schools as part of your application.
  • How do I register for the LSAT?
    The LSAT is administered 4 times per year on many college campuses in the U.S. and other locations around the world. You are advised to register early for the LSAT, as test centers fill up. Register online on the Law School Admission Council official site.