Top Accuplacer FAQs

  • What is the Accuplacer test?
    The Accuplacer test is used to assess whether a high school student is prepared for introductory college-level math and English courses. It evaluates a student’s skills in reading, writing, and mathematics.
  • How do you take an Accuplacer test?
    The test is not timed and is online, so students can access their scores immediately after testing. Students can make an appointment to take an Accuplacer test through their college’s advising and counseling office. They can also answer questions you may have about the exam.
  • Who administers the Accuplacer test?
    The Accuplacer test is administered by the College Board. This test is used to assess high school students by over 1,500 institutions of higher education in the enrollment process.
  • What are the sections of the Accuplacer exam?
    The Accuplacer exam is made of six sections: College-Level Math, Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, Sentence Skills, Reading Comprehension, and a written essay. As a part of the Peterson Accuplacer Review and Practice Test course, you will notice more course content sections, like Production of Writing and Math Thinking Skills that support a part of the test, so you get multi-layered practice before test day.
  • What does the Accuplacer test measure?
    Accuplacer scores determine which college classes give you the best chances of success.