• What is the Air Traffic Controller Test?
    The Air Traffic Controller Test, also known as the AT-SA Exam is one of several tests administered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This particular test assesses your ability to perform required tasks of an air traffic controller.
  • What is included on the air traffic controller assessment?
    The air traffic skill assessment includes seven subtests and features test items such as reading comprehension passages, spatial relationship word problems, and psychometric tests designed to assess your mental and psychological capacity to work as a certified air traffic controller.
  • Who is eligible to take the AT-SA exam?
    Not just anyone can take the air traffic controller test. In fact, candidates must be formally invited by the FAA to be eligible for the assessment. Prospective candidates can request a test invitation by responding to a job announcement on the USA Jobs website. Additional eligibility requirements include fluency in English and United States citizenship.
  • How is the AT-SA exam scored?
    The FAA will make recommendations for your candidacy as an air traffic controller based on your performance on the AT-SA test. The four possible recommendations include:   Best Qualified   Well Qualified   Qualified   Not Referred All recommendations except “Not Referred” indicate a passing score on the air traffic controller test. However, jobs in this occupational field are highly competitive, so you’ll want to score high as possible.
  • How long does it take to complete the Air Traffic Controller Exam?
    The AT-SA exam itself takes approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes to complete, and up to 30 minutes of additional time is allotted for breaks. Each section has its own time limit. For example, the word problems portion of the test should be completed in just 20 minutes.