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What are the Law Enforcement Exams?

The Law Enforcement Exams assess a law enforcement job candidate’s skills and ability needed to become a certain law enforcement officer. While it should be noted that each agency determines their own standards, both knowledge and aptitude of a candidate are evaluated in a test or series of tests depending on the job you are after.

What’s on the Law Enforcement Exams?

All law enforcement application processes contain oral, written and physical tests, as well as medical and psychological evaluations. Peterson’s is here to help you prepare for the written and verbal tests, and know what to expect in the other components. Written tests include multiple choice, true-false, free-response, and essay questions, while oral tests are conducted interview-style.

How are the Law Enforcement Exams scored?

The written exams are scored by percentage of questions answered correctly. Verbal tests are designed to evaluate your communication and reasoning skills. Physical tests evaluate your physical condition and if you are physically able to conduct the responsibilities of the job you are applying for. Other evaluations simply assess your physical and mental health.

Who takes the Law Enforcement Exams?

All federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies require some form of testing for job candidates. As such, anyone who desires a job or career in law enforcement must take these exams.

Should I prep for the Law Enforcement Exams? And how much?

The Law Enforcement Exams are extensive and it is important to be familiar with the content in order to prepare yourself for these exams. In with any test that assesses your skills and knowledge, some practice is in order. While everyone is different, Peterson’s recommends at least 6 weeks of preparation for test day.

How do I register for the Law Enforcement Exams?

The Law Enforcement Exams are administered to job candidates. In order to be considered to take these exams, you must apply for a job at a law enforcement agency.

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