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Master the DSST Exams Volume I

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Master the™ DSST Exams Volume I


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  • Peterson’s Master the DSST Exams is the only prep guide endorsed by Prometric, the DSST program provider.
  • 12 full-length DSSTs, each offering a pre-test, subject review, and post-test with detailed answer explanations.
  • Thorough reviews of each subject, with information needed to score high
  • Offers students a cost-effective, time-saving way to use the knowledge they’ve acquired outside fo the classroom to accomplish educational goals.
  • Best for: Anyone wanting help with both DSST Exam strategy and instructional problem solving. Provides ample opportunity for practice.
Skill building instruction so you can master the questions
Learn the best tactics and approach the test purposefully
12 full-length tests
Your personal best

What is the DSST?

The DSST is a collection of standardized tests that measures your knowledge of certain subjects. Students can earn college credit at thousands of colleges and universities by earning a satisfactory score on a DSST exam.

What’s on the DSST?

The DSST consists of 30 tests that fall under five subject categories: Physical Science, Technology, Humanities, Business, Math, and Social Science.

How are DSST tests scored?

A scaled score is calculated, based on multiple choice questions and essay scores, that ranges from 200 to 500. The student then earns an A, B, C, or D based on this score. The letter grade is applied to your college course equivalent.

Who takes the DSST?

Anyone seeking college credit can take DSST exams. Military personal, home-schoolers, and adult learners are typical DSST test takers, but exams are also open to college and high school students. The DSST exam is helpful for students seeking higher education outside of the traditional classroom.

Why take the DSST?

By taking the DSST you can apply prior or current knowledge to get a head start on your higher education pathway, enhance your degree, and save time and money on courses. Students can take a variety of exams on entry-level collegiate topics in order to bypass these courses in college or university. Does this sound familiar? That may be because many students take DSST tests in conjunction with <CLEP> tests. While both offer college credit, CLEP tests offer testing in mainstream subjects while DSST test subjects are more specialized and can be used for upper level credits.

Should I prep for the DSST? And how much?

DSST exams test you on the equivalent of an entire college semester’s worth of curriculum in approximately 2 hours. While the idea is to test you on material you are very familiar with, some practice on the content and test itself is in order as a satisfactory score earns you the college credit you’re after. While everyone is different, Peterson’s recommends at least 6 weeks of preparation for test day.

How do I register for a DSST exam?

Students can only register and pay for a DSST exam at an authorized DSST testing center. The GetCollegeCredit website is a great resource to find information on locating testing centers as well as institutions that award credit for the DSST.

Why Petersons?

Peterson's - Improving Scores Since 1966

Why Peterson’s? Peterson’s is the world’s leading educational services company dedicated to furthering education after high school and beyond. From culinary school to medical school—and everything in-between–Peterson’s helps you discover, prepare for, and fund your education.

Every year over 500,000 students use Peterson’s books, practice tests, and learning tools to ace their exams. We are also exceptionally proud to be the official test prep provider of the DSST which provides college credit by exam for our men and women in uniform across the globe.


Don’t take our word for it — listen to what our customers have to say about our DSST products:

If you are taking any DSSTs in this book, preferably if you are taking more than one, you need this. Peterson's is great at giving you exactly what you need to know for your DSST exams.


The purchase of this book was all I needed to score a passing grade and complete my college degree.I did have a knowledge base in my test area but following the testing format and sample questions really helped.


Very helpful to prepare for the exams.


With digital and print prep guides for over 150 exams and tests, there’s nowhere you can’t go with Peterson’s by your side.

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