• What is the OAR exam?
    The Officer Aptitude Rating (OAR) exam is a subtest of the Aviation Standard Test Battery commonly used by the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. OAR scores can qualify you for officer training programs and may also impact your occupational path within your chosen branch of service.
  • What’s on the OAR test?
    The OAR exam is actually made up of three smaller tests: the mechanical comprehension test, the math skills test, and the reading comprehension test. Each section includes a minimum of 20 questions.
  • Who is the OAR exam for?
    The OAR is meant for Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard members with aspirations of entering an officer training program. To be eligible, you must be within 19 to 35 years of age and hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.
  • How is the OAR test scored?
    Scores on the OAR are cumulative and range from 20 to 80. The minimum score you need in order to be eligible for an officer training program may vary depending on your branch of service. A higher score will position you for better career opportunities in the future.
  • Should I take a practice test?
    Yes! Peterson’s OAR practice tests are specifically designed to familiarize you with the test format and questions, thus helping you increase your final score on the exam. We recommend you take multiple practice tests prior to taking the real OAR test for the best results.
  • What is the hardest part of the test?
    It depends on who you ask. Different sections of the test may present unique challenges to individual test takers. It really depends on your experiences and familiarity with the content. A test prep program like Peterson’s OAR exam preparation can help you fill in any gaps in learning that may impact your score.
  • How many times can I take the OAR exam?
    Test takers are only allowed three attempts at the OAR test. This is why adequate test preparation is so crucial. You’ll want to make the most of each testing opportunity by putting in the necessary study time and using the best test prep resources available.
  • If I pass the OAR test, am I guaranteed an officer position?
    No. The OAR is only one component of your application. Other factors will include your GPA and professional references, for example.