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Our Postal 710/711 Practice Test Plus+ includes:
  • Create a personalized study plan to keep yourself accountable
  • Work through a full-length Postal Service practice test, with detailed answers and explanations to every question
  • Take notes on question type and content
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Subscribe to Peterson's to get this and all of our test prep including:

  • Postal Worker 473/473-C Practice Test Plus+
  • ASVAB Practice Tests Plus+
  • And over 150 other tests!
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A fully-aligned Postal Worker 710/711 practice test


What are the Postal Worker Exams?

The Postal Worker Exams measure competency of a future postal worker, focusing on measuring the aptitude of skills relevant to USPS jobs. These tests are a prerequisites to certain postal service work.

What’s on the Postal Service Exams?

The Postal Worker 473/473-C Exams involve testing of specific job skills as well as personal characteristics and aptitude relevant to the job. You will be tested on address checking, forms completion, coding, memory, personal characteristics and experience. The Postal Worker 710/711 exams are somewhat similar in structure, but are more skill-based and job-specific. You will be tested on clerical aptitude, verbal abilities, and typing, as well as stenographics for stenographers. Both tests use multiple choice as well as fill-in questions.

How are Postal Service Exams scored?

The Postal Service Exams are scored on a 0 – 100 point scale. A score within the 70 – 100 range is considered an acceptable test score, but does not guarantee employment.

Who takes the Postal Worker Exams?

Entry-level postal worker applicants take the 473/473-C exams, while USPS typists, stenographers, or data-conversion applicants take the 710/711 exams. Note that the 711 exam is only for future stenographers.

Should I prep for the Postal Worker Exams? And how much?

Both exams contain hundreds of questions. While many of these questions are personal or aptitude based, familiarizing yourself with the format and timing of the test is crucial. As for the skill-specific questions, you may have some learning to do and you’ll need practice.

While everyone is different, Peterson’s recommends at least 6 weeks of preparation for test day.

How do I register for the Postal Worker Exams?

Postal Worker Exams are administered to job applicants. If you apply for a USPS job that requires an exam, you may be invited for an assessment. For information on the job application process, including exam registration, visit the official United States Postal Service website. USPS will mail or email you a scheduling package with testing details, including location, at least 1 week before the test date.

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