• What is the EMT-Basic Certification Exam?
    The EMT-Basic Certification Exam is the qualifying exam to become an emergency medical technician. It is the final test of the ability of a candidate to meet the performance objectives to become an EMT-Basic.
  • What is an EMT?
    EMTs know how to safely transport patients from the scene of the emergency to the medical facility. They have the basic knowledge and skills needed to stabilize patients, and perform interventions as needed with ambulance equipment. The EMT-Basic must complete a course based on National Highway Traffic Safety Administration-Department of Transportation guidelines. They are trained in the recognition of and intervention in medical and trauma emergencies. This training encompasses airway management, scene assessment, and medical emergencies.
  • How do I register for the EMT-Basic exam?
    Students can get more information on the Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) exam, certification process and exam registration, by visiting the official National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians website.