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Students of Clarkson University's IT Masters Program Enjoy an Interdisciplinary Education and Work Experience

The IT masters program at Clarkson University is ideal for any student interested in pursuing a career in the field of information technology. Successful completion of its requirements leads to the award of a Master of Science degree that can aid in finding employment with educational institutions, industry-specific businesses, engineering firms, law offices, non-profit organizations, architectural firms, and any other operation using computer networks.

The modernization of the work world has led to increased demand for computer professionals to establish, protect, and maintain computer networks in a variety of professional environments. Clarkson students are happy to discover that their chosen institution will keep them abreast of this quickly advancing field and provide the most up-to-date information possible. Many IT professionals are also charged with the responsibility of creating, updating, and maintaining Web sites; transferring information; managing data; and installing and providing support for new software or hardware applications.

This interdisciplinary program of study combines coursework from such disciplines as math and computer science, electrical and computer engineering, communication and media, and management information systems. In addition, these courses are combined with extensive laboratory and other work-related experimentation conducted with the university's faculty staff.

Project work leads to practical hands-on experience with intranets and the Internet, data security, and creating CGI interfaces such as virtual stores and databases. Elective courses and individual or team-based project work also contribute to an individualized educational program for graduate students looking for a well-rounded IT education. These projects are set in real-world organizations, and concentrate on solving problems associated with the networks and other IT issues in the working world.

On-campus laboratories and research facilities offer students high-speed routing and ample bandwidth in computer labs. Experimentation with the most recently developed applications and network configurations are encouraged. Fellow students and faculty members frequently collaborate on these experiments to facilitate the most optimum learning atmosphere.

The information technology curriculum consists of 30 hours of coursework, and must include a course in a language like C++, another in the principles of computing and telecommunication systems, one course which focuses on the management of technology, and others in the application of information technology and graduate seminars. Students must complete at least six hours of project work in the program, and remaining credits may be completed through elective courses or additional research and projects.

Examples of these projects include the creation of an automated Web survey generator and administrator, a Web-based system for teaching "Controller Performance Assessment," a professional paper submission system for the Center for Identification Technology Research (CITeR), and Google Apps using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. Proposed projects must be outlined and approved by faculty before they are begun.

Admissions Processes Consider Backgrounds in Technology and Offers Partial Tuition Scholarships

As part of Clarkson University's School of Arts and Sciences, the M.S. program in information technology is known as an esteemed interdisciplinary degree that offers employable expertise in the field. Upon finishing the curriculum, many students go on to enjoy a successful career in a variety of business or research settings. However, they may have the option to pursue a Ph.D. in Computer Science in the future, and can now look forward to opportunities in engineering science or mathematics if they want to pursue further academic options.

In order to be considered for admission, applicants must possess either a bachelor's degree in a related field or another undergraduate focus in addition to five years of applicable work experience. Applicants should have the ability to display competence in one or more programming languages, operating systems, and multiple hardware platforms. If any applicant lacks these requirements, he or she may be required to complete remedial coursework before being accepted into the program.

Partial tuition scholarships are available to students accepted into the program, totaling 12 hours of aid for every 30 hours taken. Outside employment opportunities during school breaks and even part-time throughout the year are also ideal ways to help fund an education at Clarkson and expand upon a student's real-world work experience.

Clarkson Offers Access to New York State Attractions and Potsdam Community and Employer Relationships

Clarkson University is located in the town of Potsdam, New York, in the midst of a diverse student and community body as well as all the offerings of the state's extracurricular activities. Touring local caves, skiing in the winter, and participating in intramural sports are among the popular things to do among students.

Because CU is located near the Adirondack Mountains and Park, endless opportunities exist for exploring the natural surroundings including Lake Placid and Whiteface Mountain. Weekend trips to Ottawa and Montreal provide the ideal escape from New York when needed, offering additional urban experiences to students. The close-knit community surrounding Clarkson provides the perfect mix of rural environments and urban influences.

Location & Contact

Program in Information Technology

School of Arts and Sciences
Clarkson University

Potsdam, NY 13699
United States

Dr. William Horn


Phone: 315-268-6420
Fax: 315-268-2335

Jennifer Reed

Graduate Coordinator, School of Arts and Sciences

Phone: 315-268-3802
Fax: 315-268-3989

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Degrees & Award

  • Degrees Offered
    • Major Degree Levels Offered
    • Information Science Master of Science (MS)
  • Degrees Awarded
    • Master's Degrees 3
    • Doctoral Degrees Not reported
    • First Professional Degrees Not reported
    • Other Advanced Degrees Not reported
    • * Shows the number of degrees awarded for the last academic year that data was reported.
  • Earning Your Degree
    • Part-time study available? Yes
    • Evening/weekend programs available? No
    • Distance learning programs available? No
    • Terminal master's degree available? Not reported
  • Degree Requirements
    • Master's Degrees Not reported
    • Doctoral Degrees Not reported
    • First Professional Degrees Not reported
    • Other Advanced Degrees Not reported


70% of applicants are admitted.
  • Acceptance Rate
    • Applied 20
    • Accepted 14
    • Acceptance Rate 70
    • Enrolled 1
  • Applying
    • Application Fee - Domestic $25
    • Application Fee - International $35
    • Electronic applications accepted? Yes
    • Applications processed on a rolling basis? Yes
  • Application Deadlines
    • Type Domestic International Priority Date
    • Fall deadline January 30th January 30th Yes
    • Winter deadline Not Reported Not Reported Not Reported
    • Spring deadline September 1st September 1st Yes
  • Entrance Requirements
    • Master's DegreesGRE, transcripts of all college coursework, three letters of recommendation; resume and personal statement (recommended)
    • Doctoral's DegreesNot Reported
    • First-Professional's DegreesNot Reported
    • Other Advanced DegreesNot Reported
    • International DegreesTOEFL required

Tuition & Fees

  • Tuition & Fees
    • In-state tuition *$15,888
    • Out-of-state tuition *$15,888
    • International student tuitionNot Reported
    • *Typical tuition for this institution for full-time graduate students per academic year
  • Fees
    • Per-academic year feesNot Reported
    • Per-term feesNot Reported
    • One-time feeNot Reported
    • *Typical fees for this institution for full-time graduate students per academic year
  • Financial Support
    • Financial award applicants must submitNot Reported
    • Application deadlines for financial awardsNot Reported
    • Types of financial support availableTuition Waivers, Scholarship and/or loans, Graduate Assistantships

Student Body

  • Gender
    • Total Graduate Students2
    • Female Percentage50%
    • Male Percentage50%
  • Participation
    • Total Graduate Students2
    • Part-time Percentage0%
    • Full-time Percentage100%
  • Ethnicity
    • Hispanic / LatinoNot Reported
    • Black / African AmericanNot Reported
    • White / CaucasianNot Reported
    • American Indian / Alaskan NativeNot Reported
    • AsianNot Reported
    • Native Hawaiian / Other Pacific IslanderNot Reported
    • Two or more racesNot Reported
    • UnknownNot Reported





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