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2-Year School

City Colleges of Chicago, Olive-Harvey College

Chicago , IL

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City Colleges of Chicago, Olive-Harvey College


City Colleges of Chicago, Olive-Harvey College is a 2-year institution located in Chicago, IL, in an urban setting.

Location & Contact

Address 10001 South Woodlawn Avenue
Room 1405
Chicago, IL  60628
United States
Contact Nailah Alexandar
Assistant Registrar
Phone: 773-291-6384

Majors & Degrees

Business, Management, Marketing, And Related Support Services Associate Bachelors
Business Administration And Management Checkmark
Logistics, Materials, And Supply Chain Management Checkmark
Transportation/mobility Management Checkmark
Computer And Information Sciences And Support Services Associate Bachelors
Information Technology Checkmark
Web/multimedia Management And Webmaster Checkmark
Family And Consumer Sciences/Human Sciences Associate Bachelors
Child-care Provision Checkmark
Liberal Arts And Sciences, General Studies And Humanities Associate Bachelors
General Studies Checkmark
Liberal Arts And Sciences/liberal Studies Checkmark
Mechanic And Repair Technologies/Technicians Associate Bachelors
Automobile/automotive Mechanics Technology Checkmark
Diesel Mechanics Technology Checkmark
Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies Associate Bachelors
Biological And Physical Sciences Checkmark
Security And Protective Services Associate Bachelors
Criminal Justice/safety Checkmark

Tuition & Fees

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Other Payment Considerations

Guaranteed tuition plan offered No
Tuition pre-payment plan No
Tuition payment plans offered Yes
Student groups that qualify for full or partial waiver of tuition Senior Citizens

Student Body

Total Undergrad students
International Students


Hispanic/Latino 24.46%
Black or African American 68.91%
White or Caucasian 2.43%
American Indian or Alaska Native 0.17%
Asian 1.04%
Two or more races 2.08%
Other 0.59%


Male (37.09%)
Female (62.91%)

Campus Life

Student Activities

Student-run campus newspaper Checkmark
Drama/theatre group Checkmark
Student-run radio station Checkmark
Student-run television station Checkmark
Marching band Checkmark
Choral groups Checkmark

Student Services

Legal services Checkmark
Health clinic Checkmark
Personal/psychological counseling Checkmark
Women's center Checkmark
International students advisor Checkmark

Student Organizations

Greek fraternities
Greek sororities
Local fraternities
Local sororities

Campus Security & Safety

24-hour emergency telephone/alarm services Checkmark
24-hour patrols by trained officers Checkmark
Student patrols Checkmark
Late-night transport/escort services Checkmark
Electronically-operated dormitory entrances Checkmark


Male icon

Men's Sports

Sport Intramural Intercollegiate Scholarship
Baseball No Checkmark No
Basketball No Checkmark No
Volleyball No No No
Female icon

Women's Sports

Sport Intramural Intercollegiate Scholarship
Baseball No No No
Basketball No Checkmark No
Volleyball No Checkmark No


Total Faculty
Student-Faculty Ratio
Full-time - 49
Part-time - 77
Male - 63
Female - 63