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Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema

Brooklyn, NY


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Brooklyn College Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema

The Barry R. Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema (Feirstein) at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York (BCUNY) is the only film school in America built on a working film lot, Steiner Studios. Steiner Studios is the largest soundstage complex on the East Coast and home to many television and movie productions. Feirstein offers graduate degree programs in four areas: Cinema Studies, Cinema Arts (five specializations), Media Scoring, and Sonic Arts.

Master of Arts in Cinema Studies

The Master of Arts (MA) in Cinema Studies at Feirstein is a two-year, 36-credit program that may be pursued either a full- or part-time. The curriculum shares the same facility with the Master of Fine Arts in Cinema Arts (MFA), allowing students to deepen their knowledge within the context of a larger community of filmmakers and cinema scholars.

Students engage in a comprehensive education in cinema history, theory, criticism, and aesthetics, with an emphasis on the scholarly exploration of cinema as an art form and means of social communication. The 12-credit core curriculum comprises Film Analysis and Research, Film History/Historiography, Film Theory, and Integrated Media. The required 21-credit elective course complement focuses its topics on film directors, film genres, global cinemas, national cinemas, special topics in film history, and special topics in film theory. Course titles change each semester so that students may explore a particular topic more than once.

Students complete their degree studies with a three-credit capstone project comprising either a comprehensive examination (supervised reading) or a thesis.

MFA in Cinema Arts Overview

The MFA in Cinema Arts at Brooklyn College admits fulltime students in one of five filmmaking specializations: Cinematography, Directing, Post-production, Producing, Screenwriting, and Digital Animation and Visual Effects (DAVE). The 66-credit curriculum offers a highly specialized education in a collaborative hands-on learning environment. Each of the programs culminates in a two-semester thesis sequence involving the collaborative production of a short narrative film. In addition, the programs offer opportunities for professional internships and networking that facilitate a student's transition to the industry.

MFA in Cinematography

The MFA in Cinematography degree program equips students to "paint with light," i.e. capture movement and rhythm in visually pleasing sequences. By combining discipline with technical tools and visual knowledge, students acquire the confidence and ability to translate a screenplay into compelling visual images.

MFA in Directing

The MFA in Directing at BCUNY prepares students in all aspects of the art and craft of creative filmmaking. From directing actors to directing camera, cinematography, screenwriting, and post-production, students take risks and gain the confidence to express their creative visions as compelling stories on film.

MFA in Post-Production

The MFA in Post-Production degree program prepares students in technical, aesthetic, and collaborative processes that provide shape and rhythm to the art of filmmaking once the action is captured on media. This includes picture editing, sound design, Foley, ADR, and music editing projects and additional training in digital media integration, workflow management, and post-production supervision.

MFA in Producing

The MFA in Producing program is a comprehensive curriculum that equips students with the essential creative and collaborative competencies to take a film from script to screen - script development, financing, hiring a crew, and physical management - in a complex, technologically driven media landscape.

MFA in Screenwriting

Students in the MFA in Screenwriting degree program hone their conceptual and storytelling skills through in-depth exploration of story structure, plot, characterization, scene development, and dialogue. Students are afforded opportunities to pitch their screenplays for production.

MFA in Digital Animation and Visual Effects (VFX)

The MFA in Digital Animation curriculum bridges the worlds of technology-based innovation and cinematic storytelling with an emphasis on experimentation and imagination. The program culminates in the completion of a portfolio of personal and collaborative work in visual effects and computer generated (CG) animation.

MFA in Media Scoring

The MFA in Media Scoring degree program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the creative, technical, historical, and analytical tools to become experts in the art and business of music for media. In addition to a variety of scoring, recording, and music editing projects, the 60-credit curriculum culminates in a completed score for a film, television show, video game, or comparable visual media.

MFA in Sonic Arts

The MFA in Sonic Arts degree program is a flexible 60-credit curriculum that concentrates on the composition of music and sounds using new technologies. The program culminates in a new work that may be purely musical or multimedia or in collaboration with visual and performance artists.

Distinguished Faculty

The Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema faculty at BCUNY comprises distinguished cinematic scholars and award winning film industry professionals, including screenwriter Hal Ackerman, whose book "Write Screenplays That Sell" is becoming the preferred textbook for a growing number of screenwriting programs around the country; John Didato, award-winning director, producer, and editor for Sesame Workshop, the non-profit educational organization behind "Sesame Street"; and Academy Award-nominated cinematographer Tom Richmond, whose films include "Little Odessa," and "Stand and Deliver."

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Housed in a new 68,000-square-foot facility on the site of the former Brooklyn Navy Yard, the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema is an entirely digital production and post-production environment affording students opportunities to create their work in professional, technologically advanced workspaces, studios, stages, and equipment.

Financial Assistance

BCUNY offers access to federal financial aid for graduate students in the form of loans, work-study, grants, and scholarships. The Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema awards a number of scholarships to qualifying students on a competitive basis.

Degrees & Awards

Degrees Offered

Degree Concentration Sub-concentration
Master of Arts (MA) Cinema studies
Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Cinema arts

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Address 2900 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY  11210-2889
United States
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