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Data Analytics and Visualization

The Master of Science (MS) in Data Analytics and Visualization (DAV) at Yeshiva University blends mathematics and programming knowledge, business skills, and digital art to prepare students for advanced data careers. Students will learn the skills and the tools (such R, Python, Tableau, and D3.js) to analyze and visualize data from multiple sources.

The program, which is offered through the Katz School, has a project-based curriculum. This gives students the opportunity to apply the skills and tools learned in the classroom to problems they'll face in their careers. The result is a project portfolio to show prospective employers that amounts to the equivalent of five years of work experience.

Students may do an internship for course credit with approval from their faculty advisor.

International students will be eligible for Optional Practical Training (OPT).

Why Data Analytics and Visualization?

Data will only become more complicated as technology grows and changes. Demand for advanced data professionals who understand how to analyze, explain, and persuade using data will continue to grow. Students in the Katz program learn the science behind the skills. They build predictive and descriptive models and uncover reliable, repeatable patterns hidden in data.

The Data Analytics and Visualization (DAV) degree at Katz sits at the midpoint between a quantitative MBA and a data science degree. With DAV, students get both the business analytics skills of a quantitative MBA and the programming and mathematical skills of a data scientist. Plus, a key component of the Katz program is data visualization, since professionals need to be able to tell the story of their analysis in compelling ways to succeed in the workforce.

Required Courses

- "Analytics Programming"
- "Computational Math and Statistics"
- "Project Management for Data Science"
- "Spreadsheet Modeling and Analytics
- "Structured Data Management
- "Visual Design and Storytelling"
- "Capstone"


- "Data-Driven Organizations"
- "Data Product Design"
- "Data Science"
- "Information Architectures"
- "Talent Analytics"
- "Independent Study"
- "Internships"

Free Prerequisite Courses

Katz offers free, online Bridge Courses for students interested in the program who have not completed the prerequisite coursework. Each Bridge Course takes about three weeks to complete and can be done entirely online before enrolling in the program.

Courses include:

  • Database Fundamentals: Learn SQL basics. Work with MySQL and SQL Enterprise Manager to write basic queries, join tables, and design small databases.
  • Math Fundamentals: Refresh fundamental concepts in math and statistics for data analysis including probability, statistics, logarithms, linear algebra, and calculus.
  • Spreadsheet Basics: Create pivot tables, charts, and dashboards with real-world datasets.

Accomplished Faculty Members

Data analytics and visualization faculty members are successful practice and technical leads on data analysis, data science, and business design teams at both high-growth start-ups and top-tier organizations. They're committed to helping their students become talented data analysts.

Andy Catlin, director of the MS in Data Analytics and Visualization program, is an experienced practitioner who works closely with students to address real-world problems. He has co-founded successful start-ups including Citigate Hudson, Mad Dog Data Science, and Metrics Reporting. He has also led teams who've developed analytics applications for global corporations, international banks, and professional football teams.

Advantages to Studying On-Campus or Online

The New York City Advantage

With its abundant and diverse opportunities for fieldwork, internships, and networking, New York City is the perfect place is to attend graduate school. As part of Yeshiva University, the Katz School connects students to the vast network of alumni and employers in the city and beyond. Plus, in their free time, students can explore the greatest city in the world.

The Online Advantage

The benefits of pursuing a master's degree online allow students to utilize new and emerging technologies as part of their classroom experience in addition to in their coursework. The online learning platform at Yeshiva University has been thoughtfully designed to create a meaningful student experience. A faculty member, an instructional designer, and a developer work together to build each online course to enhance students' academic learning, technology knowledge, and professional skills.

Careers and Job Outlook

Career Opportunities

- Analytics Manager
- Big Data Engineer
- Business Analytics Specialist
- Business Intelligence Engineer
- Business Intelligence Solutions Architect
- Chief Data Officer
- Data Analyst
- Data Scientist
- Operations Research Analyst
- 19% projected job growth rate for data analysts via Bureau of Labor Statistics
- $86,597 - Average salary for NYC-area Senior Data Analyst via GlassDoor.com

Admission and Financial Aid

This program is ideal for recent graduates, as well as entry to mid-level working professionals who want to launch transformational data careers. Contact the Admissions Office at katzgrad@yu.edu to learn about success in this program.

Costs to attend graduate school at Yeshiva University include tuition and fees. All applicants are automatically considered for scholarships and graduate assistantships. Awards are determined during the application review process. Katz encourages students to apply early as application and funding decisions are made on a rolling (i.e. first come, first served) basis.

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Why YU Katz?

The Katz School at Yeshiva University offers degrees with utility. Katz degrees and services are built with students' career success in mind. Katz works with industry experts and academics to ensure students' graduate school experience provides the skills students need to succeed in a career or doctoral program concrete, specific ways. Katz curricula are project-based, meaning students will use the theories, frameworks, and strategies they'll learn in class and apply them to simulations based on industry problems. The result is students will graduate with a portfolio of projects to impress prospective employers.

Katz believes in challenging students to lead with curiosity, utilize data, and listen to diverse viewpoints. The Katz community leads with values--kindness, honesty, generosity, integrity, and justice towards others--and to aims to leave the world a little better than they found it.

Yeshiva University

Yeshiva University aims to ensure that students, faculty, alumni, staff, and friends are inspired to create a brighter future. It offers highly regarded graduate programs in Jewish studies, law, psychology, social work, and many other disciplines. According to Forbes.com's rankings, Yeshiva University is one of the top 100 private colleges in the country. "U.S. News & World Report" ranked it among the best in the nation.

The university is located in New York City, New York in the northeastern region of the United States.

Degrees & Awards

Degrees Offered

Degree Concentration Sub-concentration
Master of Science (MS)

Earning Your Degree

Part-time study available? Yes
Distance learning programs available? Yes

Location & Contact

Address 500 West 185th Street
New York, NY  10033-3201
United States
Contact Andy Catlin
Phone: 212-960-5400