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July 15 2021
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IDA Fellowship Award


The IDA Fellowship Program goal is to increase expertise in desalination practice across the globe through collaborative, innovative research. Awarded to young industry professionals (6-10 years work experience), the Fellowship prioritizes information exchange between established organizations in the water industry and experts in the desalination and water reuse field, furthering IDAs mission of promoting knowledge sharing and sustainable desalination and water reuse practices on a global scale. The IDA Fellowship Program gives recipients the opportunity to work alongside a host agency, and generally lasts 6-8 weeks, with the fellowships experience and findings presented to the IDA community. Organizations and agencies are encouraged to apply by contacting today, with applications due July 15. For more information, please contact

Eligibility Requirements

  • CheckmarkMust be a graduate student or a postgraduate student
  • CheckmarkMust attend a university, a four-year college or two-year college
  • CheckmarkMust not be attending high school currently
  • CheckmarkBoth full-time and part-time students

How to Apply

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Contact Ms. Shannon McCarthy
Secretary General