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Master the™ Real Estate License Exams

All the strategies and practice you need to Master the™ Real Estate Exam

Master the™ Real Estate License Exams

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All the strategies and practice you need to Master the™ Real Estate Exam

What is the Real Estate Exam?

The Real Estate Exam is one of the final steps in earning your Real Estate License. While exam details vary by state, it is required nationwide to pass the exam in order to be a licensed Real Estate agent.

What’s on the Real Estate Exam?

Real Estate Exams typically consist of approximately 150 multiple choice questions testing your knowledge of covering the legal aspects surrounding real estate. Exams have a general section and a state-specific section. The general section tests you on property law, real estate regulations, real estate related finance and math calculations, contracts, disclosures, and valuations. The state-specific section varies, but consists of questions on state-specific statutes, regulations, laws, and licensing requirements.

Who takes the Real Estate Exam?

Real Estate agent applicants who have completed the state required prelicensing education requirements.

Should I prep for the Real Estate Exam? And how much?

The Real Estate Exam typically takes 3 to 4 hours and summarizes what you learned in your real estate classes. Due to the sheer volume of information that will be asked of you, some review is in order.

While everyone is different, Peterson’s recommends at least 6 weeks of preparation for test day.

How is the Real Estate Exam scored?

The Real Estate Exam is scored in pass/fail format. The test is administered in computer format, and your score will appear on the computer screen once you are finished taking the test.

How do I register for the Real Estate Exam?

The Real Estate Exam is administered by computer platform at a testing facility. Find a testing center near you and register for an exam through your state’s government website.

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