International Students - Your Guide for Coming to an American College

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Looking into American colleges and universities as an international student can be a challenge, but it's one you can overcome!

From how to look for accredited schools to what type of things you should talk about on your applications, we have the info you need below.

Here are some of the most important basics of applying to school as an international student!

Schools with International Student Programs
Visas - What You Need to Know
Find out what you need to know about student visas.
Admissions Info for International Students
Get info all about some of the nitty-gritty of applying to American universities.
Fees, Timing, and Interviews
If you're looking for some info on the mundane basics of applying to American universities, then look no further. Information about fees, timing, and interviews is at your fingertips.
Looking for the right American university? Check out this guide to help!
Find the Right Universities
If you're just getting started in your process of looking for schools in the United States, then look no further for a good guide to finding the right American universities for you.
American Universities and Academic Credentials
Find out how American universities will evaluate your academic credentials, here at
If you're an international student, then your academic system will almost certainly provide you with different scores and academic records than those that American universities' requirements and average scores are likely to be displayed in.

Find out how American universities are likely to reinterpret your scores to decide whether or not to accept you as a student.
Covering All the Bases
There is a lot of information that you, as an international student coming to America, will likely want to know. Here are some of the most important generalized bits of info.
More Schools with International Programs
Illinois Wesleyan University
... The school is exclusively focused on the ... Liberal Arts Institution The school was recently ranked Number 50 ... " Recent internal statistics show that 90% of ... More than 80 Areas of Study The school offers than 80 areas of study, ...
Marlboro College
... Marlboro College Clear Writing Program The Marlboro College Clear ... Marlboro College Clear Writing Program covers academic or expository ... College Plan of Concentration Program The Marlboro College Plan of ...
Lawrence University (International Student Information)
... You won't find any in the school's classes - or teaching them, ... Diversity With dozens of academic programs, hundreds of academic courses, ... Most Popular Academic Programs at Lawrence University ...
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