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Applying for scholarships can be a very cumbersome process.  Writing essay after essay, pestering teachers/professors, coaches, and/or bosses for letters of recommendations and filling out an endless array of application forms is no fun.  However, not all scholarships require so much work.  Below are 4 scholarships that require very little effort to obtain, and if you’re looking for more great scholarships, be sure to use the Peterson’s scholarship search.

1. New Mexico Natives + Good Grades = Free Money

Still other scholarships are automatically awarded to eligible students. The Legislative Lottery Scholarship offers total tuition coverage for graduates of New Mexico high schools (or GED recipients) who will be full-time undergraduate students attending a public university or a four-year college in the state of New Mexico, are U.S. citizens, and maintain a 3.5 GPA.  Though some schools require applications, most schools will simply use FAFSA information to apply this scholarship to qualifying students.  The scholarship becomes active during the second semester and is valid for up to eight consecutive semesters for students who continue to meet the qualifications. Learn more here!

2. Addicted to Your Phone and/or Instagram? Snap a Picture to Earn Scholarship $$

The ubiquity of camera phones, Instagram, and other social media has made photography a part of everyday life. Why not let one of your well “liked” photos help pay your way through school?  The 4th Annual Create-A-Greeting-Card $10,000 Scholarship Contest simply requires the submission of a greeting card design (in the form of a photo, piece of artwork, or computer graphic) and an application.  This contest only has two eligibility requirements; applicants must be U.S. citizens of at least 14 years of age. Learn more here!

3. You Already Wrote an Admissions Essay – Use It to Apply for a Scholarship Too!

Tedious as essay writing may be, it is a nearly unavoidable part of the admissions process.  The good news is that admissions essays have the potential to earn you money after you have been accepted into a school. Freetestprep.com’s Scholarship contest awards up to $10,000 for essays that got you into the school you now attend. To be eligible, you must be a U.S. citizen and a full-time undergraduate student attending a university or a four-year college.  No students applied for this scholarship in the prior year and if this is at all indicative of current interest, then you will likely have minimum competition for this scholarship.  Again, this scholarship merely requires the submission of your already-written admittance essay, and nothing else. Learn more here!

4. The SuperCollege.Com Continuous Scholarship

Some scholarships have specific deadlines, and unfortunately once they pass, you’re out of luck. But the SuperCollege.Com scholarship for $1500 is available year round. It’s simple to apply for, and it just requires excellence as a student. If you’re looking into college scholarships, this is exactly the kind that you should be sure to apply for, left and right. If you get it, fantastic! If you don’t, no worries! It’s well worth the shot to see if you can lighten the burden of your college tuition even a bit, and that’s what SuperCollege.Com is offereing here with this scholarships. Learn more here!