Sure, maybe honors students stand out from the crowd with their stellar academic achievements, solid leadership skills, and dedication to the community. But when it comes to finances, honors students are just like everyone else — they can sure use college scholarships (i.e., free money)!

How does a college scholarship equal free money? It’s financial aid that doesn’t have to be paid back. Some generous source actually gives you (or your parents) money to help pay for school. Student scholarships can range from money for books to the full cost of tuition and/or room and board.

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Honors students, in particular, are in luck when it comes to undergraduate scholarships. Schools want to attract the best and the brightest talent and they use university scholarships to help make a dent in the cost of education for these types of students.

Some schools even offer certain college scholarships exclusively to honors students. For instance, a typical university honors program may offer a handful of honors students scholarships ranging between $1000 and $2000. Other programs provide financial support to honors students who study abroad. Schools such as Kansas City Kansas Community College recruit honors students with the promise of free tuition. Honors programs typically offer students merit-based student scholarships, which means you can get free money based on your academic achievements.

A good place to start scouting for undergraduate scholarships is with the honors programs themselves. By reading information on the program’s Web site or in the program’s printed materials, you can find out what university scholarships are available and for which ones you qualify. You can also contact the head of the honors program for more details.

Although being an honors student might give you an advantage in being able to apply for numerous college scholarships, don’t assume you’re a shoo-in. Be sure to follow the application instructions carefully. Beat the deadline. And when you win the college scholarship, stick to the guidelines for keeping it. When it comes to paying for college, every little bit helps. Leave no stone unturned in your quest to find “free” money.