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Earning a Pharm.D. degree is your path to achieving a career as a pharmacist. As a pharmacist, you can work in a variety of positions and areas such as in community pharmacies, hospitals, senior care, nuclear pharmacy, military pharmacy, or in the pharmaceutical industry as a researcher or clinical pharmacist. In the future, the role of the pharmacist in healthcare is expected to grow as pharmacists become more integrated in the system.

Research Graduate Doctor of Pharmacy Programs

When looking for Pharm.D. programs, be mindful to find schools where faculty works closely with students to pioneer in research areas and special projects. This experience is a valuable part of your education that will help you find a job post-graduation.

If you are looking to graduate with your Doctor of Pharmacy degree in a shorter amount of time, search for schools that offer accelerated programs. The rigorous nature of the program will be demanding, but you will become a trained pharmacist more quickly.

Searching for the best doctor of pharmacy schools isn’t as tough as it may seem. But using our keyword search below makes it even easier:

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