Working in the field of kinesiology does not necessarily require a graduate degree. But if you would like to advance into some of the highest and most complex areas of the field, then you might want to look into kinesiology graduate programs, which provide specialized knowledge for aspiring kinesiologists.

How Do I Get Into Kinesiology Graduate Programs?

To attend kinesiology graduate programs, prospective students should have degrees in kinesiology at the bachelor’s level. Some kinesiology master’s programs will accept individuals who have a degree in subjects other than kinesiology, but most will not.

If you do not have a kinesiology bachelor’s degree, then it’s best if you have a related degree, such as a biology degree or a psychology degree, as those disciplines would still be applicable to graduate study in kinesiology.

What Can I Get from Kinesiology Graduate Programs?

Kinesiology graduate programs will allow students to pursue specializations in the field of kinesiology. Specializations can include subjects such as clinical exercise science, coaching, public health, and others.

Kinesiology graduate programs exist both at the master’s and Ph.D. levels. However, it is possible for students to advance in the field of kinesiology with only a master’s degree. Additionally, most Ph.D.-level kinesiology graduate programs will require a master’s degree as a prerequisite.

Upon graduation from kinesiology graduate programs, students can pursue any number of differing options for careers. These options include work as coaches, wellness consultants, therapists (particularly on athletic teams), and in research laboratories.

What is Involved in Kinesiology Graduate Programs?

Coursework in kinesiology master’s programs will vary from program to program, but will generally include study of such subjects as psychology, nutrition, the effects of exercise upon the body, metabolism, and others.

Programs will also generally require students to perform some kind of clinical work in order to get hands-on experience, as well as complete a thesis project in order to demonstrate advanced knowledge of the material. Kinesiology master’s degrees will require differing amounts of time to complete, with the average time being somewhere around 2 years.

Deciding Which Graduate Programs Are Right for You

Before deciding which kinesiology program is right for you, it is important to do your research.  Explore the schools and programs that are available and take note of their course and practicum offerings to see if they meet your needs. Begin by exploring the schools featured throughout this site!