It’s hard not to stress about your G.P.A, isn’t it? You see your measly 2.5 compared to the 4.0 of your best friend and wonder what you’re doing wrong! You worry about if you will be able to go to college and if you will be able to get a great job. You can do both! While achieving a 4.0 is a fantastic achievement, it isn’t a great indicator of future success. ‘C’ Students actually have a lot of admirable qualities that ‘A’ students can learn from. Here are a few:

  • ‘C’ students are more resourceful.

‘C’ students have to work hard to make up for their lack in G.P.A. They do this by being resourceful. Where it might be hard for them to sit down and write a boring book report, they can still impress by creating a short film that gives the required information with a creative twist.

  • ‘C’ students are able to “bounce back.”

It’s hard to feel you are trying your best and still be unable to get the grades that are expected of you. This disappointment is why many ‘C’ students have the desirable “bounce back” quality that makes it easy for them to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and move on to the next exam, paper, etc. This is a very desirable trait for many high-powered careers.

  • ‘C’ students have excellent communications skills.

While an ‘A’ student might spend lots of time hitting the books hard to prep for their next exam, a ‘C’ student is spending their time learning to be creative and communicate effectively with others to get what they want. This is a very important skill to have to be able to be successful in life, and a key reason why so many former Presidents and CEO’s have been ‘C’ students.