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Funding Your Education

Do You Qualify for the Yellow Ribbon Program?

A breakdown of the Yellow Ribbon program: who qualifies, how to apply, and participating schools.

Ace Member Institutions

Learn what ACE is, what they do, and find participating member institutions.

Finding Your Ideal College/Program

Find the Best College for You

From size of school to location and cost, here’s what you should look for in a college.

4 Great College Programs for Veterans

Ease the transition from active duty to a new career.

Earning College Credit at a Tenth of the Cost

5 Things to Know about DSST & CLEP Exams

Learn five things to know before diving into CLEP and DSST tests to maximize your outcome.

DSST for the Military

Earn college credit for the following subjects you’ve learned outside the classroom.

Preparing for the Exam

The AFOQT: 10 Things You Need to Know

What is the AFOQT, and what will you need to know about the exam?

The GRE Exam

Everything you need to know about taking and preparing for the exam.

Need Help Paying for College? Search our Scholarship database

Scholarships designed to provide financial assistance for military students.

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Shorten Your Time to a Degree with DSST or CLEP exams

Save hundreds on your college tuition and take an accelerated path toward graduation.

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