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On this week’s episode

  • On this week’s episode of You Have a Cool Job, we talk to Becky Rezac, a surgical technician. She explained how the operating room staff is a team, and how each person plays an important role.
  • Becky shared how she became a surgical tech, and prefers the side of medicine that is, “see the problem, fix the problem”.
  • She talks about how she has witnessed the culture within the operating room and hospital as a whole shift in a positive direction, and how she’s part of that. Becky trains students who are coming out of school on how to be in her position, but she also makes this point of building confidence in new surgical technicians and letting them know they can speak up.

About the show

You Have a Cool Job is a podcast hosted by Taylor Sienkiewicz from Peterson’s. The show highlights professionals who have a unique, interesting, uncommon, or otherwise cool job.

Our goal is to motivate you and show how interesting, fulfilling, and anything-but-average your career can be, and we’ll do this by talking with people who took a path less traveled. We ask these fascinating individuals how they got to where they are in their career based on their education, experience, and influences;  why they love their job; and lots more.

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