MBA Admission: Why Your MBA Essays Are Important

By Peterson's Staff updated on Wednesday, January 30, 2013

MBA schools are looking for people, not packets

Your MBA application without your essays does not go very far in explaining who you are, or what you hope to accomplish in business, to the target school.  MBA schools select you when they feel you can offer something constructive to the program.  What is it that you can offer the target program?  The essays that accompany your MBA application are your chance to say precisely what this is.  The essays also give you a chance to tell MBA schools why, in the context of your academic and/or professional goals, their program is ideal. The more specific you can be in your argument, the more likely your essays will have their intended effect at the targeted MBA schools.

If your essays don't work, you may not gain admission

This is what is most important to know about your MBA essays, and one way to enhance your chances of offering the best possible essays to MBA schools is to work with an EssayEdge editor.

As important as clear goal statements and upbeat, forward-looking syntax are in your MBA application essay, it is also important that your essays “personalize” you sufficiently and “play to your strengths.” Your EssayEdge editor can help ensure that your essays do this in a balanced way. 

If you are offering MBA schools several essays in which the main focus is your achievement in one particular project or field, that can be a problem, even if all of your essays on their own are standout essays.  The risk in this case is too narrow a focus and a failure to use one or more of your essays to portray a different side of yourself.  If your reader is reading about the same project in all four of your essays, your reader will start to think of you as a project rather than as a candidate, and this could work against you.

Your essays will help you refine your goals

This is one aspect of MBA application essays that can make them a bit easier to write.  The process of developing one or more MBA admission packets will force you to reflect upon and refine your goals – which will only make you a stronger candidate for MBA admission.

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