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October 1 2022
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Janet L. Hoffman Loan Assistance Repayment Program


Maryland residents who provide public service in Maryland State or local government or nonprofit agencies in Maryland to low income or underserved residents may apply including those pre-Graduation Law applicants in their third year of law school and Urban Teacher Center Applicants who are on their second year of the program. There are two types of awards namely: Award Lock-in and Award One Year Only. Award amounts are determined by overall reported educational debt at the time of application. Recipients ÔÇ£lock inÔÇØ to an award amount level, and funds are distributed annually over a three (3) year period as long as the recipient remains eligible. To renew the award, Lock In recipients will need to download the required forms from the MDCAPS website. In Award One Year Only, Recipients that continue to meet the eligibility requirements may reapply as a new applicant for up to three (3) award years. UTC applicants are not eligible to receive the lock-in award. The Nancy Grasmick Teacher Award provides loan repayment assistance to those teachers that have qualifying student loan debt and have taught in Maryland for the past 2 years. In addition to meeting the general Janet L Hoffman LARP requirements, applicants must also meet the following eligibility requirements: Teach in science, technology, engineering, or math subjects; or teach in a school in which at least 75% of the students are enrolled in the free meal program in the state for 2 years, and have received the highest performance evaluation rating for the most recent year available in the county in which the teacher has taught. The applicant must have earned a degree from a college in Maryland, or from any law school, or a resident teacher certificate from the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) in the areas provided on the website. The applicant must be employed full-time (35+ hours per week) in state or local government or in a nonprofit organization in Maryland with an employer who helps low income, underserved residents or underserved areas in the state. The applicantÔÇÖs annual gross salary cannot exceed $75,000. If married, the annual gross salary cannot exceed $75,000, and the combined salaries cannot exceed $150,000. If employed as a nurse faculty member, the annual gross salary cannot exceed $100,000. If married, the annual gross salary cannot exceed $100,000, and the combined salaries cannot exceed $185,000.

Eligibility Requirements

  • CheckmarkMust be a graduate student
  • CheckmarkMust attend a university
  • CheckmarkMust not be attending high school currently
  • CheckmarkRestricted to residents of Maryland
  • CheckmarkRestricted to students studying Education, Social Services, Law/Legal Services, Nursing, Therapy/Rehabilitation, Psychology

How to Apply

What you'll need:

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