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August is National Back to School Month and as the school year quickly approaches, it’s important to make sure you and your child are ready and organized. Here are three ways to make the transition from carefree summer days to days spent in the classroom a bit easier.

Start up a structured routine and communicate expectations

Transitioning from carefree summer days filled with relaxation, fun, and vacations to early morning wake ups and fast-paced days spent in the classroom can be difficult on kids, teachers, and parents. This transition can be especially difficult for kids with anxiety or students going into new schools. Start up a more structured (even strict) routine for your child a few weeks prior to the first day of school. Have conversations with them about your expectations for the school year and the schedule they will have and make sure to openly answer any questions. Start creating a study plan and have your child brush up on their academic skills as they approach the first day of school. Utilizing study plans, learning resources, and test prep tools early on will help your student retain and memorize information better. Test prep helps your student learn test formats and content so they can go into their exams with confidence.

Re-adjust sleeping patterns

Summertime is over, and that means long mornings in bed are finished! In the week leading up to school, try and adjust your body clock to getting up when you would during the school year. This could mean going to sleep and waking up 15 minutes earlier each day or setting a strict bedtime/wake time schedule. After a few days, your body will be used to the new sleeping pattern so it won’t be a huge shock on the first day of school.

Complete your back-to-school shopping and checklists early

Every school (and even teacher) have different requirements and requests for back to school classroom items. Make sure to obtain your list early and hit the stores for back to school sales and specials. Double check that your list is complete at least a week or two before school begins so your child is ready and prepared on the first day of school.

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