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Physical health is essential when teaching children how to live healthy and successful lives. During PE class, kids learn more than just how to play sports. Physical education teachers are integral parts of the K-12 educational system. With the inception of accredited distance learning schools across the nation, you can achieve your physical education degree online from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. Physical education degrees are offered at the associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s level.

Physical education majors learn about general exercise and fitness, recreation, games and sports for children and teens, and nutrition and hygiene. During your program you will take classes that will teach you how to evaluate students for physical and emotional needs, maintain school equipment used in PE class, how to plan and implement programs to help students remain healthy, and teach students about the importance of fitness and nutrition in their lives. Depending on the college you choose to go to, you will take courses in sports medicine and psychology, instructional methods in the K-12 classroom, personal as well as community health and safety, first aid and CPR, and drug and alcohol prevention.

If you do plan on becoming a teacher, it is important that you select a school that is properly accredited by a nationally recognized organization. You also want to be sure that the program you undergo will prepare you to take the teacher’s licensure exam, which is typically the PRAXIS exam, depending on your state requirements.

Aside from becoming a K-12 PE teacher, many graduates can become a coach, personal and athletic trainer, sports and recreation manager, camp director, physical therapist, chiropractor, health educator, and more. Depending on the career path you would like to go down, you may need extra education through an advanced degree. Be sure to research exactly which job you want so that you know what education will be most beneficial to you.

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