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A degree in business education is perfect for someone who is interested in business, but also has a passion for teaching. It’s also a great option for someone who has spent some time in the business world, but who is now looking at a career in teaching and wants to pass on the knowledge they have learned during their first career.

Business classes are not just for those folks who want to climb the corporate ladder. In fact, understanding business is important for almost anyone, whether they want a career in finance, music, science, or any other subject. It’s essential for anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur or start their own business. There is, in fact, no career out there where a knowledge of business would not be extremely helpful. As a business teacher, you are preparing your students for the world after high school, and giving them the tools they need to be successful whatever their career choice.

What you will teach:

As a business teacher, you prepare students for pretty much any career and give them insight into how the world works. You’ll teach economic principles, budgeting, money management, finance, goal setting, and accounting. If you are a high school teacher, you’ll cover these at a fairly high level. If you teach in college, you will go more in depth in these subjects.

What your degree program will look like:

In some cases, you can obtain a business degree, and then spend extra semesters getting a teaching certificate. Other schools have specific business education programs. Either way, you’ll learn much of what a regular business student will learn. You’ll also take classes regarding education, communication, and public speaking.

Student teaching:

Just like with other teaching programs, you will be required to spend some time interning as a student teacher. This gives you hands-on experience as a teacher along with a support system while you learn what it is really like to be a teacher. After this, you’ll need to take the test needed to be certified as a teacher.

Education level:

Many teachers obtain positions with a bachelor degree in business education, especially at the middle school or high school level. However, if your career aspirations include higher level positions, then a graduate degree will likely be required. If you are considering leading a business department at a high school, for example, you’ll likely need at least a master’s degree.

Likewise, a graduate degree is often required if you wish to teach business at a college level.

Ongoing education:

Even after you graduate and start teaching, be prepared to continue your education. The business world is constantly changing, and one of your duties as a teacher is to teach students what they need to know to be successful in that world. This will likely require on-going education. In addition to this, teaching is an evolving career, and new methods and ideas are always being developed. It is likely you’ll take teaching courses as well, throughout your career.